Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Online shopping

I know, it's been awhile.  Sorry.

Thanks for everyone that has continued to check out the site even though I haven't put anything on it!

Not sure if this will be consistent but it is what it is.

I decided that I would just post when I felt like talking about something.  Life is busy and somedays/weeks/months I just don't have time!

So online shopping, that's the title of the post, I should probably write about that then!

I really enjoy online shopping sometimes!  I am tall and one might say slender.  My arms and legs are long and I have such a hard time finding things to fit them.  So I enjoy the larger selection online shopping gives me.  However, I can only shop when the return policy is amazing.

I recently bought a really cute skirt from an online store and didn't pay attention to the return policy and wow, now I am stuck with a really cute skirt that is too small!  That isn't fun.

BUT.....there are some wondering sites that have amazing shipping and return policies!!

My favourites are and   I live in Canada, so the first one is my choice but I know both sites are easy to use.  I was so pleased when they finally started shipping to Canada!  so easy to use and the customer service is fantastic! and  They won't ship to Canada but if you know some in the US you can order it to that person and if it's doesn't fit just send it back in the US.  A little more inconvenient but I only live an hour from the border so it's easy!

I have heard wonderful things about  I haven't taken the plunge but it looks wonderful.

So those are my favourites.

My only complaint about online shopping is that the temptation to shop happens everyday!  New deals, coupons and promotions come to my email daily and some days it's just so hard to resist!

Happy shopping!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Little boys

Life is busy, sometimes I write, sometimes I don't.  Hope everyone is ok with that.

The trials and tribulations of having two little boys is hard, it's wonderful but hard.  We have our wonderful loving moments and we have our knock down get out of town moments.  I am happy to be here to experience all of them but definitely love some more than others.

We are in the trying threes as my mother refers to them.  Rhys most often believes he's actually 5 which causes a problem because he is in fact only 3 1/2!  He can't actually do some of the things his little heart desires and it comes as a terrible blow to him.  His temper is feirce but his love is amazing.  He says the funniest things, you just never know what is going to come out of his mouth!  I try to write them down but sometimes it just doesn't work out.  He loves his family (all of them), cares about his friends, gives the biggest hugs (hates kisses!), thinks his dad and big brother are the coolests dudes around and loves his mommy!!! 


Being 5 3/4 is a whole new ball game for us.  Our first go round is stressful, sometimes he seems so grown up, I forget that isn't even 6 yrs old yet.  I expect a lot and have to remind myself he is doing great and will get it!  Boundries are being tested and we are staying strong to what we believe in, so we miss out on some things and are being forced to deal with our consequences.  It's hard!  Liam is the sweetests little man, he has such a strong love for his family, he wants to be everyone's friend, he gets sad when he's left out but thrilled when included (things we try to remind him as to not hurt someone else's feeling), he loves his little brother and is the cutest with small children, he loves to snuggle (until he's too hot), gives great hugs and kisses and loves his daddy and mommy unconditionally (even when mad)!

They are amazing and wonderful, stressful and irritating!  I wouldn't change it for the world and the smallest moments make it all worth while.

Perhaps you are wondering what prompted this little post.

The days blend into one and another and then a moment happens when you realize you must be doing something right!

Yesterday after a long fun day at Hunter Bros, we were eating supper at Murray's in Woodstock with my parents, Joel's parents and his grandmother.  Liam and Rhys were colouring, Rhys was sad that his picture wasn't as neat as Liam's.  Liam was so proud of his picture (coloured really well, chose real colours to display in different sections)! Liam knew he was feeling sad and asked him to help him find the yellow crayon in the bag so he could colour the bus yellow just like Rhys!  Rhys was so happy to help his brother find the crayon and our little melt down was over (for a bit!).  Liam was so caring and kind to his brother in the moment, I melted a little!

Some days are hard and some days are easier but they are all worth it!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dancing King!


This is for my friend Peter!  My little man at his first (and perhaps) last dance camp.

It was a lesson learned by all.  He loved the dancing, you can see the smile on his face.  He loves to dance and loves to be the centre of attention.  He however does not like to be the only boy at a dance camp!  That's my lesson learned, he told me that he was ok with it about 3 months ago when I signed him up but the reality wasn't as much fun!

Like I suspected and the reason I put him in it is that he loves to dance!  That's the first time he's ever had to follow direction for dance moves.  We do a lot of freestyle at home (haha!)

But he made it the whole week, had fun, learned a couple of dances and made a couple of friends.  Success in my books!  I am trying to raise a well rounded child and perhaps having to go to a dance camp with all girls helps that!

Next up football!! haha!


I tried to upload this about 5 times in the last few weeks and nothing worked.  So here it is on youtube!

The debate continued after dance camp whether he would want to dance or whether we should put him into any more activities.  I thought once a week wouldn't be so bad and if it was boys only, he might be excited.  I found a boys only hip hop class offered at the end of the day but before supper.  With some wonderful help offered by my amazing mother, we have a plan for him to get there!  A little talk with another mom of a dancing little boy, Liam even has a friend in the class.  An added bonus for a 5 1/2 yr old boy!  So he's signed up and I think it's a great decision.
My decision was validated this past week when Liam received a piece of paper with questions from his new grade one teacher.  She wanted to know a little bit more about Liam.
Liam's response to this question made me feel great about my decision.
What do other people think you are really good at?  Liam's answer immediatley is "dancing and they are right!"
I love it!
Just as a side note, he was also asked what made him special and his response was "because my mom thinks so"~!  I teared up a little of course!  He is a special little man and perhaps now we need to expand on why he's so special!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

date night

Date night!
After being married for 8 years and having two children, date nights sometimes get put to the side.  Sometimes you feel it's just too much, finding a sitter, paying a sitter, getting dressed up, spending the money to go out, planning.  It's obviously easier to sit on the couch and watch tv.
But it's a must!  We don't do date night enough but we try.  We are trying to make it a priority.  There are so many cheaper ideas and more fun than just dinner! 
A few weeks ago now we went out golfing (my husbands favourite activity, I just liked my new shoes!) and then to supper afterwards.
I was so nice to be able to have a full conversation with each other and to whack the crap out of a golf ball!! haha!  Stress relieved!

I look impressive don't I, look at the form!  It's all for show, looking good on the course is most of the fun.

Have you had any great date nights recently?


I took the weekend off of the interwebs a few weekends ago and it was great.  It was actually a little hard at the beginning, so often I reach for my phone to get through commericials or to get through yet ANOTHER children's show but this weekend I didn't.

I did what I used to have to do.....just sit there!  It's not so bad, this need for constant entertainment is causing me for concern.  Now don't for a second think I am going to get rid of my tv but I do think I need to rethink my way of doing things a little.  I still love my tv, movies and shows are good fun.  I still let my children watch tv but I think we need to remember to do other things as well.  My children know that shows are on demand, you can watch most shows when ever you want.  That is not what we used to enjoy.  We watched cartoons on saturday morning, not before breakfast each day!  But alas, I have created these little monsters and must deal with them now!! haha!

I just want them to know how to wait and not freak out.  It seems that waiting, just waiting doesn't happen anymore.  Checking your phone is a constant event, sit in a waiting room and that's what everyone under the age of 45 is doing!  Random conversations are few and far between, reading crappy maganizes isn't even an option as they don't have them.

I saw a picture posted somewhere and it showed about 10 students (teenagers) walking along a sidewalk and ALL of them were looking at an electronic devise of some sort.  It read something like the apocolypse was here!  They all looked like zombies. Here

We all need a break, we all need to remember to encourage our children to take a break.  I write this because of course I need reminders all the time and perhaps this will help .

Take some time to enjoy the wait!

Monday, July 29, 2013


I am the queen of the swearing police!  I still can't really say the F-word without flinching.  I just never got around to that!

I taught swimming lessons, summer camps programs and riding lessons.  These things required me to come up with clever (to myself) new swear words. 

I used to use sugar all the time in replace of everyone's favourite 4 letter word that starts with an S!!

I have been known to use fiddlesticks in a harse way!! haha!

ANYWAYS!  The point to this is, I try so hard to make sure my children know what words I believe are acceptable for them to say and not to say.  I make sure I listen to all the songs first and have bought several Kidzbop songs to avoid some words.

This weekend, we were all snuggling on the couch just hanging out and the boys wanted some music, so I tried to pull out some fun new ones that I downloaded by Bruno Mars.  Love love love his song

Well if you clicked on that link, you know that the intro says something about a squirrel and being a sexy mother f*&%er!!!  I had NO IDEA!

Joel and I reacted by laughing hysterically that I don't know the boys even noticed!  I was laughing so hard, I was crying.  I couldn't believe it!

So now I have to figure out how to get rid of that intro because I still love that song and think the boys would think it quite fun.

Haha, I hope everyone enjoyed my embarrassing moment of the weekend! 

I am still giggling about it and still loving the song right now!

Have monday!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photo Albums

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite things!

Snapfish is my favourite place to create photo books and other things!  I started doing this a few years ago when I wanted to make my mother a photo calendar.  I couldn't find any calendar's where I could put more than one picture for each month.  Snapfish was the solution.  I have a ton of pictures myself and wanted to include all her grandchildren, so I added lots of pictures for each month and then I can even add pictures to specific days.  Lots of things to look at each month!

Like most sites you join, I receive emails from them and one had a deal where you buy 1 book and get 2 free.  It was a few months before mother's day and I had a great thought, if I made the same book for each grandmother, I got one myself and saved a bunch of money on a wonderful gift!

Pretty much after that I was hooked.  I created a mini wedding album book because I didn't like my original. (that's a story for a whole other post!)

We had my talented friend Dani take some family photos awhile ago and she took so many pictures that I needed to see them more often than just going through the computer.  I wanted to share it!  So I created another photo book.

Then I had the idea to keep doing years of photos rather than have tons of loose photos around or buying albums and filling them in. 

These amazing books below arrived this morning!!  2011 and 2012 and the latest family photos Dani took for us!

It's so nice to have these books that we can look at and embarrass my children for years to come!!!

Do you keep your photo's on the computer?  Are you on top of your photo's?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Staycation Vacation - Fredericton, NB

Summer vacation is always a fun time.  Usually there are trips all over, exploring new places and enjoying new sights.  This year, we decided we would have a staycation!  Of course it was sort of decided for us as we gifted ourselves with new windows and siding this year!!  So staycataion it was!!

My oldest son Liam told me after he had to get ready for yet another parents day (Father's day this time!!) that he wanted a kid's day!  I promptly told him that other than mother's day and father's day those other 363 days are really kids days! 

However, then he moved on to family day!  That I could get down with!  So our entire vacation was labelled by my five year old as family fun days.  I loved it!

Joel and I started out staycation vacation with a date night.  Golfing and supper sans children...more on that in another post!

We have the wonderful opportunity to use my brother's cottage that is about 20 mins from our house since he lives in Ontario!  It's very kind of him and his family.  Our staycation started with two days at the cottage, the city was a humid place to be but the lake was magical!!

Visiting with my friend Beth (check out her blog) and her family came to play.

Then Joel's family (some of them) came to play the next day.  We had lots of fun in the sun!

A day at the camp is always a good time!

After two full days in the sun, we decided to watch Despicable Me 2, it was so funny and I love to hear my little men giggling!!!!  I also giggled a little (or maybe a lot!!)

Then while the monkey's had a nap, I picked some strawberries because I love strawberry jam!!!

Perhaps another post for the strawberry jam, it's so easy and results in delicious jam all year!!

Tuesday we headed out to explore our downtown of Fredericton, New Brunswick!!

We started at Cora's for some waffles!     Next stop was Science East!

After a little break on a park bench

Since we rarely get the to library we thought we would venture in, we read some books, found some great readers for Liam to practice with and played!

To get the main course of our outside picnic (which was mandatory for family fun days!) in the park we walked to Jack's Pizza!  Yummy pizza by the slice!

We rounded out our tour of downtown with a picnic in Officer Square to enjoy the Calithumpians entertain us with a story about our beloved Queen Street!!

Wednesday of Family Fun week was a trip to the water park at Hartt Island Campground~  We added my niece in the mix for some added fun.  It's a simply little water park but the kids love it and it's easy to keep an eye on them!  Although I was forced to go down the covered water slide (which I hate) because my niece asked me so nicely to go.  I couldn't say no!

Thursday was our "rainy" day as Liam was patiently waiting for a rainy day to go to Kingswood Entertainment Park.  Where we play in the play climber, air hockey, arcade games!!  Always a fun time. 

Then they went to their favourite place......Nanny and Yaya's house!! 

Friday was our last weekday for family fun!!!  So we packed up a picnic and drove to St. Andrew's, NB (about 1 1/2 hrs away)

We collected sea shells

Explored a light house, played in the coolest park around and visited a candy store (always a favourite stop!!)

Before heading home we went to the St. Andrew's aquarium to touch some sea creatures!  I take pictures, they touch!!!

The weekend rounded out with Joel and Liam going to Hartland to pick up our wonderful babysitter for the night Kelsi!!  While Rhys and I had a date for market and errands!

Sunday we relaxed!

All in all it was a wonderful family staycation.  Normally we go away and have to pack up, drive, settle into a hotel or trailer and then pack up and drive back home.  This time we relaxed at our own home in between activities, saved money and remembered why we love this city!!   It was fantasic!

I love to explore new places but sometimes it's nice to just stay home!

What are your vacation plans?  Staycation?  Big family trip?  Romantic little getaway?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer fun

Summer is a term we are using loosely around here.  It's super hot one day, freezing the next, rain then sun.  But I guess that's what we expect in New Brunswick.  So summer classified as the time between the end of the school year and when the new one begins.  Regardless of actual dates or weather!

School ended and summer began, this is the Dickinson recap!

We had a little mix up with a photography session, so I snapped some pictures myself.  All was not lost, we will get some real photos in the fall!!!

I was escorted by two super heroes to Walmart to help pick out the much anticipated trampoline!!!  I haven't gotten any pictures of us jumping yet as it's rained for most of the time we have had it up!!!  AND the fact that I was so excited when it was ready to jump, that I jumped instead of documented it!!!  Living instead of taking pics on the motto for the summer!  And hopefully it will stick!

This past weekend in a freezing cold rain storm, my brave husband packed up the trailer, I gathered the kids and we heading out camping!!!

The weather perked up a bit the next day.  At least warmed up and only rained occasionally, we still had lots of fun.  Mini golfing, playing at new parks (because that is very fun!!), bouncing on the bouncy pillow, campfiring (new word?) and going on a hay ride!!

I don't know about your kids but mine #1 love to wear their bike helmets even when not on a bike, #2 don't like roasted marshmallows.  Liam is finally starting to warm up to them (pun intended) but Rhys is still a straight out of the bag marshmallow lover!

love this little guy



Rhys loves to watch.  He did not want to participate in the songs or actions but loved watching everyone.  This is what he does, we went to the Hawaiian luau and just watched, no dancing, just watching.  Of course we had to hug Yogi and Boo boo, no picture, just hugs!

Finally a nice hot and sunny day!  The boys swam, visited with cousins and then hit the water slides.  Since I am very accident prone, no trip is complete without an incident!  I managed to fall down 2 carpeted stairs in our trailer and gave myself crazy carpet burn (pictures unnecessary, just know it sucks!) I figured the pool water would sting, so I sat back and took some pictures.  However, after taking these fun photos, I realized it was time to suck it up and get in the pool!  Soon the boys will not want me to participate in the fun, so I need to take advantage of it now in hopes that I will be fun enough later too!!

A little hick town back of the truck action followed the sliding!

I remember going in the back of pick up trucks all the time in camp grounds, back roads and sometimes city roads!  Did you do this? The boys think it's just as fun as I did!

The next day involved Joel being in charge of packing up the trailer because he's good at it! The boys and I visiting all the parks before we left (to stay out of dad's hair!)

Who doesn't love boys and Tonka???  So cute.
Our nation's holiday was on Monday and I bought some theme appropriate clothing for the boys.

As the boys are saying in the picture: "Happy Canada Day"!!

And for all those in the USA, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

random thoughts

I have these random thoughts through out the day and I thought it might be fun to write them down every once in awhile and take note at how weird I am!

1. When the ink runs out in my pen, while I am a little sad that I have to go find a new one, I am excited because it feels like an accomplishment! 

2. Burning my bum multiple times on my leather seats; makes me remember why I didn't want leather seats!(perhaps my dress is too short but I am most definitely not giving in to that)

3. A few weeks ago, I instagramed my peanut M&M's because I was so excited to have all the colours come out of the fun pack.  I couldn't even wait for the picture to eat the yellow because of course we eat them in order of tastiness.  (I don't even need to discuss that they don't taste different)

4.  Sometimes it's nice to show other people your slight OCD (see #3) because it makes them feel better about grouping colours together or whatever their special thing is!!

5. Shoes at any cost make me happy.  My new $4.24 flip flops, very happy! 

6.  Why do men/boys feel it's ok to take off their shirt but wear jeans, socks and sneakers when it's really hot outside instead of just putting on shorts, sandals and a t-shirt?  Why do we have to witness that?

7.  My children are soon going to be smarter than me and I am terrified!

8.  Watching Property Brothers makes me happy and makes me think people are crazy!  Usually it also makes me feel like I can renovate my own home, which is not true!

9.  Why did no one tell me that if you blow dried your hair before you put it up it wouldn't hurt as much!!!  Where was I on memo day!! I JUST realized this a few months ago!!!  (I have really thick hair and it's heavy when wet and I still didn't figure it out earlier!!)

10.  My children think I am fun when I play lego and jump on the trampoline and that reminds me that I don't need to always plan for fun!

10 seems like a good place to go to. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My little man Liam finished Kindergarten last week. 

Graduation was on Wednesday, I was such a proud momma!  All of the kindergarteners sang a wonderful song about leaving Kindergarten behind to the beat of "summer nights".
So cute and yes I teared up a little!!!

Of course, once they were all done all the parents clapped and my son is the only child to bow!

Reflecting back on his first year at school I am still happy with my decision to send him.  I know he's not at the top of his class, we have some work to do but I have to remember that I didn't know how to read or write when I entered grade one!  I turned out just fine, some might disagree but luckily they don't contribute here!!

I love to read and have made the promise to pass that trait off to my children.  They both love to be read to so this summer Liam and I will continue to practice him reading to me!  I have to remind myself that it's important to practice reading and writing all summer, so grade one will be that much better!  Sometimes I even get side tracked with so much fun!

He made lots of friends, like I knew he would do.  He learned to read words, write letters, words and numbers, math and a ton of other things.  I was so proud with every new thing he told me. 

Next year I will have to try to get the same picture for a better comparison but it still shows how much he's grown in a school year!  Every day I notice how's grown, he's turning into a wonderful little man and loosing his toddler ways.  I am so proud and happy but a little misty eyed nonetheless!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Living the plan

My dear friend Beth just started writing a blog last week about her plan to be essentially a happier person.  Please check is out here For the Girls, it's hilarious even if you don't know her.  I find it is even more hilarious because I do know her so well.

She has a plan, she always has a plan but this plan is more about learning to make a plan and then actually live it instead of just planning it and seeing the plan through.  She wants to start living the plan and letting it happen.

I think it's fantastic and while perhaps not all of us feel as much need for control as others, I think it's important to take some of those aspects to heart all the time.

I know myself, I have to sometimes think it's time to just say yes instead of no.  See here!

This past weekend, I found myself saying yes!  And just like that, two happy superheroes accompanied me to Walmart!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Saying Yes

I started this post awhile ago and was happy to relive it.  It's a nice little reminder to say yes more often.

Saying yes, it's a simple act but sometimes so hard to do.

This past weekend I said Yes and it was perfect!

I am going to assume that I am not alone.  Since I am work full-time and am still a full time mommy and wife, the weekends are when I get things done.  The laundry piles up, the groceries need to get purchased, things need to be put away and general crap needs to get done!

So usually I am either taking the kids placing and organizing "fun" or I am encouraging my kids to play alone so I can get said "crap" done.

This Saturday I said yes!  Rhys asked me very early Saturday morning to go for a walk in the rain.  So we dressed up in our rain gear and headed down the street!  It was wet and cold but super fun!

Then because we still have to get stuff done, I convinced them to go grocery shopping with me.  After that the afternoon was theirs.  We played hockey in the basement, played Pokemon cards (however that is played??), played outside and had an amazing time.

My kids are growing up so fast and I want to remember to do this more and enjoy them.

I miss it!

I miss my little blog.

It's a been awhile and I thought I was ok leaving it alone for that long.  And in truth I think I needed a break.  Things haven't been the peachiest over the past several months and I just needed time to deal with that and life.

Like the part of my life that was still amazing.  My little monkeys, my amazing husband, my friends, that part of life.  I needed all of my energy to try to really appreciate those parts while perhaps other parts weren't so good. 

I think (or have chosen to believe) that things are on the up hill.  As Joel and I were discussing, coming out the gully and on the way, really there is nothing but up.  So it's getting better. 

Perhaps I am getting more used to the stress and pressure and learning to do things I think are right and be ok with that.  I like to think that and am working hard to keep that attitude.

I don't think I am ready to post this on facebook yet, just incase I am not quite back.

I hope everyone is doing good.  I hope to be back.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Carry On!

Carrior On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton - buy it!

This book, this woman is amazing.  She's not amazing because she is this perfect person we all aspire to be.  She is amazing because she's not that person.  She's been there, done that, moved on.  She is living her life the way she wants to live it and inspires other to live their life.  She knows life isn't a walk in the park and tells you about it.  She explains her story so you can better understand your own.

I loved it.  I know the story I put out there and it's not always the one that's really happening.  As I am sure it isn't for most of us.  We all have our secrets, issues, problems and trouble and most of the time we put on the suit of armour and show that to the world.  Glennon has decide to show us her un armed self in hopes that we can show some people ours when we are ready.

I think it's wonderful to have a space to go and know that by being there you are doing good.  Please visit momastery and look around.  The love and compassion is fantastic to see.

Obviously I took a little break from this blog.  My break was for me, for my sanity and because I didn't know what to write here when so many other things were happening.  Things are getting better and I am working my way through it.  So I am happy to share a little of me again.  I kind of feel that perhaps I now have a little of me to give again!

This website and being a Monkee and this book have helped me, this I am sure!

A special shout to Sarah Schlender for bringing me to this page.  I have sent her multiple emails this winter thanking her for sharing Glennon with me!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Boys Clothes

Hello!  It's been awhile.

I am back today, can't guarantee for long or for constant but today I was ready to come back!

Boys Clothes!

Last week it put me over the edge again!   Adorable, fun, exciting girls clothes are everywhere!  They are constantly taunting me...."look at all these clothes that you can't buy, go look at your green, brown and blues!!!"

Haha, ok, so maybe that is just a crazy moment when I desperately want a little girl to buy for!  My niece Teegan benefits often from my crazy moments!

I must admit that boys clothes have improved even since Liam was born (5 years ago).  However, the outer wear is still an inssue.

Look at these adorable little men from the new Joe Fresh spring ads

And this is a new colour in boys pants/shorts from Gap

This polo has an bold stripe pattern for little boys from h&m

However, then we get to outer wear.  This is the most recent issue I have been having.
The colours are boring and when they do have colours they are usually only in the styles that while cute are mainly for going to and from church or parties, but completely impractical for everyday!

Like this jacket from Gap, it's a cute enough jacket but it's only offered in beige.

I spent all last week searching for a rain jacket.  Every child who plays outside needs a real rain jacket, not a wind breaker but a rain jacket.  Keeping the kids inside because it's went and raining but still warm, not an option in my world!  So a hunting I went.

Not only did I not find very many options (none).  When I finally found ONE they only had an option of yellow or green!  The girls section of very practical rain jackets had red with white polka dots, bright colours or white with flowers!  Do you think I was happy!  Absolutely not.  What would have been the issue with orange or stripes or a car or truck on the boys jackets?  Come on people!

Finally my mother found a Lighting McQueen rain jacket at Walmart.  While I don't usually go with licensed themed outerwear, this red jacket with McQueen all over it was just WAY more fun than the boring yellow one I was forced to by!  So back it went and Liam is rocking his red rain coat today!!!

Boys need do not need fussy clothes but that doesn't mean they need to be boring or plain!  The selection that is provided for girls is mostly double in every store I enter. 

I am not saying we need a billion options but a little more fun would be nice!

That's my rant and I hope some of you are happy I am back. 

It feels good and perhaps we will keep it up for a bit!