Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I took the weekend off of the interwebs a few weekends ago and it was great.  It was actually a little hard at the beginning, so often I reach for my phone to get through commericials or to get through yet ANOTHER children's show but this weekend I didn't.

I did what I used to have to do.....just sit there!  It's not so bad, this need for constant entertainment is causing me for concern.  Now don't for a second think I am going to get rid of my tv but I do think I need to rethink my way of doing things a little.  I still love my tv, movies and shows are good fun.  I still let my children watch tv but I think we need to remember to do other things as well.  My children know that shows are on demand, you can watch most shows when ever you want.  That is not what we used to enjoy.  We watched cartoons on saturday morning, not before breakfast each day!  But alas, I have created these little monsters and must deal with them now!! haha!

I just want them to know how to wait and not freak out.  It seems that waiting, just waiting doesn't happen anymore.  Checking your phone is a constant event, sit in a waiting room and that's what everyone under the age of 45 is doing!  Random conversations are few and far between, reading crappy maganizes isn't even an option as they don't have them.

I saw a picture posted somewhere and it showed about 10 students (teenagers) walking along a sidewalk and ALL of them were looking at an electronic devise of some sort.  It read something like the apocolypse was here!  They all looked like zombies. Here

We all need a break, we all need to remember to encourage our children to take a break.  I write this because of course I need reminders all the time and perhaps this will help .

Take some time to enjoy the wait!

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