Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Middle school vs Electronics

Why do so many people complain about electronics and video games yet they continue to let their children use them so often?   Our oldest son Liam (age 11) has voiced his great concern several times over the last couple of weeks that people are excluding him because he doesn’t have a phone to get texts on and no one will call him, that he doesn’t have Instagram so he’s missing out and the latest is to get Fortnite and Xbox live so he can play with his friends and know what they are talking about.  

I constantly hear people complain about this, post about it and share articles.  Yet, here we are fighting the fight against electronics and somehow creating a kid who is excluded from things because of his lack of electronics.

We have a home phone for our kids to get phone calls and make phone calls to their friends (and of course my mother!)   It’s getting harder and harder for him to get a hold of his friends because there are no home phones and lots of time parents are out and about.  He only has a few cell numbers and most of the time no one answers.

What are we doing to our kids?  Why are we creating kids who only communicate via text?  Who would rather stay home and play a video game against someone else in another house than hang out together?  And adding the stress of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and a whole host of other social media things I know nothing about to our 11, 12, 13 year olds who can’t handle the emotions they have before those things!

We are in no way saying we are amazing parents but this is one fight we are trying to stay on course.  Our kids have an Xbox (not live, yet), they share one old phone (mostly for music and sometimes games, they share one tablet that barely has room for anything but can play some games and they watch TV.  However, they do not have their own tablets, cell phones, Fortnite or unlimited access to any of it.

He’s in grade 6, we plan to stick with this fight for as long as we can but it’s going to get harder and harder if he keeps getting excluded.

This is exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I bid adieu

In the random case that anyone was actually reading this or managed to hang on during all the large and expansive breaks.  I think that it's time to say goodbye.

I can't quite pull the plug to close the blog because I want those posts, I want to see them and remember them.  Someday when I figure out how to print them or save them somewhere else I may close the blog.  Also it's staying here just incase I realize I can't stay away.

The reason I started the blog was to share my thoughts, write, share experiences and such.  I think in the beginning I might have done that but this year.  2014 I didn't.

The past few years have been very hard and like I said in a previous post, I learned a lot about me.  I learned my strengths and my weaknesses.  I learned that as much as I say my family keeps things close and doesn't share that much, I am the same way.  I learned it well and have mastered it.

I thought I could share them here but I just can't.  Everything seems to personal and I just can't handle the concern.  It's so nice and thoughtful but my defenses kick in and once the concern comes, I start to say and think I mean.  I am fine.

It's not always true but to share is too much.

I feel like I am doing the blog and the people that might follow a disservice by not sharing my real life.  Sometimes I don't even share my real life with my closest friends.  It's all too scary and I haven't quite mastered it.  These are things I need to work on.  While I will still write, it just might not be here.

I need to work on me, my family, my parenting, my marriage, my friendships, my life!  These are the important things that need love, care and my attention.

So with a sad face on, I bid my lovely Kids, Life and Shoes adieu!

Monday, September 29, 2014

more camping!

Too many pictures for one post!

And as I was getting ready to write this, I realized it was actually in August.

Camping camping and more camping.  It's funny but truthfully we only went camping 3 times this summer, that was plenty for me.  We need a few camping recruits so there are other grown ups around!

We thought we would go to a slightly calmer camping zone for our last trip of the summer.  We went to Mactaquac Provincial Park.  I had been so many times with my family when I was little, a few times a summer and every labour day weekend.  I remember so many things about it and hoped my kids would enjoy it the same way as me!

We ended up getting the best spot, we turned our trailer to face the large field and playground and we were set!

 They play, I get to hang out at the trailer!  Win win!
 Water fight fun
Just to prove we were actually both there!
 They have a new restaurant at the golf course, so we voted not to cook one night but went to dinner!!!  So yummy!
 Liam practicing his picture taking skills in Moco Restaurant at Mactaquac Provincial Golf Course!
 Good morning! 
What you don't have tackle practice before breakfast?
 Hiking the beaver pond trail!
 We don't see many animals as my animals are a little too loud!
 love these boys!
 pj's by campfire!
Testing out the sun shade before heading to the beach.
We went hiking, raspberry picking, swimming at the beach, exploring the woods, beach and eating!  We went to the recreation centre many times, played lots of games and played with old toys!
We had a great time but boy was I ready to get back home and rest.  The month just took so much out of me that I was glad August has arrived and was looking forward to a little more relaxing.  Which never happened but it's nice to dream!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

the rest of July! part 1

The rest of July was camping.  The weeks were at work but the weekends were camping.

If you remember from last year, my version of camping doesn't always match everyone else's but this is the only way I survived and if we are being completely honest, I barely survived!

After our first camping trip being in a tropical storm, I had high hopes for the weather, especially since we had a kids with us.

My parents are amazing people, not only did they provide me with amazing camping experience, they are willing to show my kids!

They asked to take the kids for 3 days camping at Jellystone Park in Woodstock, NB.  That place is a kids gold mine, parents sometimes go a little crazy but kids love it!  They spent 3 days bouncing, swimming, mining for gold, mini golfing, crafting and wrangling the boys to sleep!  Once Friday hit, they were very excited to see Joel and I pull up shortly after supper!

My parents headed home for a rest and Joel and I were on duty!

 Joel and I went out to dinner, kid free!  Before duty started!!

Excited for  Mrs. Dunsters donuts!
 Rhys got really brave this summer and started jumping into the water and going over his head....huge progress from last year!  So of course he wanted a picture!  Liam had the most fun when Joel was throwing him across the pool, yes I took a video, no I won't be posting it!
 We were full into the water fun weekend!  Liam favourite part was attacking the wagon ride with water, he recruited the cousins and was a force to be reckoned with!  He was having so much fun that he decided not to go on the water slides.  Finally near the end, he decided he would ride in the wagon and hopefully attack more people in the campground!
 Shooting practice!
 Line dancing lessons are a great way to end the day!
Good morning Yogi and BooBoo!!!!
It's a great campground for kids!  They have so much fun and it's easy for us.  They are never bored.  Tired, exhausted, cranky but not bored!!!
To be continued!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I haven't known really what to write these last few months.  The summer arrived and went without a chance to slow down.

Too many things happened that made the summer too fast.  We live in Eastern Canada which means that summers are short.  They last barely what summer was intended (June 21 to Sept 21ish) so we usually want to make the most of it.  This summer we had so many plans and ended up with so little time.

We didn't have a summer bucket list but I had some ideas in my head.  We didn't do them all but managed to get some done.  I had major plans to relax this summer and I don't think that happened at all!

School has started and our routine is sort of back to a new normal.  A little more time at home and hopefully a little less running.  I am looking forward to a nice fall.  I love the sweaters and the boots.

Happy September!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Vacation" part 2

And we continue....
So I left town again, this time with my parents and my children to Freeport, ME!  Travelling with my kids is not the most fun; they like to run, stretch, yell, etc...  Things you can't do in the car (or shouldn't do in the car)
We spent 7 hours driving a 4 1/2hr drive.  Rhys had to use the washroom many times on the side of the road (his highlight, not mine!)  Finally we had to separate them and give each child a grandparent to play with! 
We arrived in Freeport in time for supper and a visit to a concert and pirate playground!

It's hard to get a picture on the pirate ship, Rhys was there somewhere!!  It was a great playground, too bad I can't remember the name of it.  We listened to a concert while the kids played and made new friends!

Yes Liam is quite high in that tree.  I am all for exploring and climbing trees but I wish I could stop picturing the worst possible situation when they are up there!  I remained calm from the outside but inside was a whole different story.  I don't want to be that parent that doesn't let them do anything, not to take risks.  Being a kid is about taking risks, figuring how to take those but in the safest way.  I hope that I am teaching him those skills he will need in the future (and today) but wow, my heart pounds with concern in those moments!!

Rhys wanted in the tree but thankfully was super happy to stay on this branch with Mommy and Yaya close by!

Of course we visited LLBean and Rhys posed for some pictures.  Shopping with my kids is not relaxing.  I had left the boys with my dad on the lower level and was shopping with my mom.  I found a bunch of clothes to try on, so I headed into the change room.  My mom walked by the stairs to the lower level and saw my dad walking around the fish pond by himself.  The boys had hidden or walked away when dad turned around for a second.  Happens all the time, my kids love to hide in the clothes racks!  So they looked around and then asked the lovely lady with the microphone to page my monkeys!
As I am in the change room, I hear the ding of an announcement about to happen.  Before she even starts I just know it's my kids missing.  As I am throwing on my clothes is says Rhys and Liam please come to the fish pond to meet your party!!
I walk briskly to the pond and there come my kids walking hand in hand towards the pond.  I am quite proud they knew to come to the pond and that they could find it!  Liam was a little disappointed there was no party!!!
After that little adventure my wonderful parents took the kids back to the hotel to swim and let me shop for 2 glorious hours by myself!  Let's just say I have become a very efficient shopper over the years!
Then we went to dinner at the Freeport Grill and Rhys wanted to get close to the girl singing.  He didn't dance or anything just stared her down.  I think he really liked her singing but I have to assume it was slightly intimidating for them!!
The had a open green space and playground fenced in with the restaurant.  Let me just say, brilliant!  The kids could play and run, we could sit and relax and when supper was ready they came back to eat!!!  That's the reason we picked it and we will be back for sure!
 Once we realized the one child/ one grandparents dynamic worked out at the end of the drive down, that's how we drove the whole way home.  I sat in the front by myself listening to music and chauffeured the troops!  Much better time on the way home!
I was so excited to get back home that day.  It had been a long vacation and I was ready to go back to work!!! haha!

Friday, September 12, 2014

"Vacation" - part 1

Vacation is in quotations marks in the post title since it was not at all a relaxing vacation.  It was indeed a break from work but wow, things could have gone a little more smoothly.

It all started with our planned parents get out of town weekend to watch a country concert.  That did not happen, 2 of the 3 couples got to PEI but the third was sidetracked due to the Hurricane Arthur barrelling through the Maritimes!  Yup, we went away camping and a Hurricane comes through, it was actually down graded to a Tropical Storm but that's still a big deal!

Grown ups ready for our weekend without kids!

It was a lovely Friday evening with this amazing couple!

Current fav picture of the hubs and I!

Of course we got lobster in PEI, this was the time we found out the concert was not going to happen and the whole building was creeking from the wind!
Katie made us Blake Shelton shirts and thought we should model them in the wind since we wouldn't get to wear them!
Then we spent the next 12 hours texted home to find out about all the damage and sat in the trailer that at one point (or several) we thought was going to tip right over!
The storm passed and the winds died down enough for us to be allowed back across the bridge and we headed for home to access the damage!
We arrived home to no power but no full trees down.  Lots of big branches, little branches and leaves to clean up.  We were very fortunate!
That obviously caused a chaos and less than fun atmostphere for "vacation".  Work was without power and situations had to be dealt with!
So the adventure continues.....