Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My little man Liam finished Kindergarten last week. 

Graduation was on Wednesday, I was such a proud momma!  All of the kindergarteners sang a wonderful song about leaving Kindergarten behind to the beat of "summer nights".
So cute and yes I teared up a little!!!

Of course, once they were all done all the parents clapped and my son is the only child to bow!

Reflecting back on his first year at school I am still happy with my decision to send him.  I know he's not at the top of his class, we have some work to do but I have to remember that I didn't know how to read or write when I entered grade one!  I turned out just fine, some might disagree but luckily they don't contribute here!!

I love to read and have made the promise to pass that trait off to my children.  They both love to be read to so this summer Liam and I will continue to practice him reading to me!  I have to remind myself that it's important to practice reading and writing all summer, so grade one will be that much better!  Sometimes I even get side tracked with so much fun!

He made lots of friends, like I knew he would do.  He learned to read words, write letters, words and numbers, math and a ton of other things.  I was so proud with every new thing he told me. 

Next year I will have to try to get the same picture for a better comparison but it still shows how much he's grown in a school year!  Every day I notice how's grown, he's turning into a wonderful little man and loosing his toddler ways.  I am so proud and happy but a little misty eyed nonetheless!!!

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