Monday, June 24, 2013

Living the plan

My dear friend Beth just started writing a blog last week about her plan to be essentially a happier person.  Please check is out here For the Girls, it's hilarious even if you don't know her.  I find it is even more hilarious because I do know her so well.

She has a plan, she always has a plan but this plan is more about learning to make a plan and then actually live it instead of just planning it and seeing the plan through.  She wants to start living the plan and letting it happen.

I think it's fantastic and while perhaps not all of us feel as much need for control as others, I think it's important to take some of those aspects to heart all the time.

I know myself, I have to sometimes think it's time to just say yes instead of no.  See here!

This past weekend, I found myself saying yes!  And just like that, two happy superheroes accompanied me to Walmart!

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