Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer fun

Summer is a term we are using loosely around here.  It's super hot one day, freezing the next, rain then sun.  But I guess that's what we expect in New Brunswick.  So summer classified as the time between the end of the school year and when the new one begins.  Regardless of actual dates or weather!

School ended and summer began, this is the Dickinson recap!

We had a little mix up with a photography session, so I snapped some pictures myself.  All was not lost, we will get some real photos in the fall!!!

I was escorted by two super heroes to Walmart to help pick out the much anticipated trampoline!!!  I haven't gotten any pictures of us jumping yet as it's rained for most of the time we have had it up!!!  AND the fact that I was so excited when it was ready to jump, that I jumped instead of documented it!!!  Living instead of taking pics on the motto for the summer!  And hopefully it will stick!

This past weekend in a freezing cold rain storm, my brave husband packed up the trailer, I gathered the kids and we heading out camping!!!

The weather perked up a bit the next day.  At least warmed up and only rained occasionally, we still had lots of fun.  Mini golfing, playing at new parks (because that is very fun!!), bouncing on the bouncy pillow, campfiring (new word?) and going on a hay ride!!

I don't know about your kids but mine #1 love to wear their bike helmets even when not on a bike, #2 don't like roasted marshmallows.  Liam is finally starting to warm up to them (pun intended) but Rhys is still a straight out of the bag marshmallow lover!

love this little guy



Rhys loves to watch.  He did not want to participate in the songs or actions but loved watching everyone.  This is what he does, we went to the Hawaiian luau and just watched, no dancing, just watching.  Of course we had to hug Yogi and Boo boo, no picture, just hugs!

Finally a nice hot and sunny day!  The boys swam, visited with cousins and then hit the water slides.  Since I am very accident prone, no trip is complete without an incident!  I managed to fall down 2 carpeted stairs in our trailer and gave myself crazy carpet burn (pictures unnecessary, just know it sucks!) I figured the pool water would sting, so I sat back and took some pictures.  However, after taking these fun photos, I realized it was time to suck it up and get in the pool!  Soon the boys will not want me to participate in the fun, so I need to take advantage of it now in hopes that I will be fun enough later too!!

A little hick town back of the truck action followed the sliding!

I remember going in the back of pick up trucks all the time in camp grounds, back roads and sometimes city roads!  Did you do this? The boys think it's just as fun as I did!

The next day involved Joel being in charge of packing up the trailer because he's good at it! The boys and I visiting all the parks before we left (to stay out of dad's hair!)

Who doesn't love boys and Tonka???  So cute.
Our nation's holiday was on Monday and I bought some theme appropriate clothing for the boys.

As the boys are saying in the picture: "Happy Canada Day"!!

And for all those in the USA, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

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  1. Hey lovely! Thanks for saying hello today on the blog! So fun getting to know you are bit through yours!! Have a great Katie