Wednesday, June 26, 2013

random thoughts

I have these random thoughts through out the day and I thought it might be fun to write them down every once in awhile and take note at how weird I am!

1. When the ink runs out in my pen, while I am a little sad that I have to go find a new one, I am excited because it feels like an accomplishment! 

2. Burning my bum multiple times on my leather seats; makes me remember why I didn't want leather seats!(perhaps my dress is too short but I am most definitely not giving in to that)

3. A few weeks ago, I instagramed my peanut M&M's because I was so excited to have all the colours come out of the fun pack.  I couldn't even wait for the picture to eat the yellow because of course we eat them in order of tastiness.  (I don't even need to discuss that they don't taste different)

4.  Sometimes it's nice to show other people your slight OCD (see #3) because it makes them feel better about grouping colours together or whatever their special thing is!!

5. Shoes at any cost make me happy.  My new $4.24 flip flops, very happy! 

6.  Why do men/boys feel it's ok to take off their shirt but wear jeans, socks and sneakers when it's really hot outside instead of just putting on shorts, sandals and a t-shirt?  Why do we have to witness that?

7.  My children are soon going to be smarter than me and I am terrified!

8.  Watching Property Brothers makes me happy and makes me think people are crazy!  Usually it also makes me feel like I can renovate my own home, which is not true!

9.  Why did no one tell me that if you blow dried your hair before you put it up it wouldn't hurt as much!!!  Where was I on memo day!! I JUST realized this a few months ago!!!  (I have really thick hair and it's heavy when wet and I still didn't figure it out earlier!!)

10.  My children think I am fun when I play lego and jump on the trampoline and that reminds me that I don't need to always plan for fun!

10 seems like a good place to go to. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My little man Liam finished Kindergarten last week. 

Graduation was on Wednesday, I was such a proud momma!  All of the kindergarteners sang a wonderful song about leaving Kindergarten behind to the beat of "summer nights".
So cute and yes I teared up a little!!!

Of course, once they were all done all the parents clapped and my son is the only child to bow!

Reflecting back on his first year at school I am still happy with my decision to send him.  I know he's not at the top of his class, we have some work to do but I have to remember that I didn't know how to read or write when I entered grade one!  I turned out just fine, some might disagree but luckily they don't contribute here!!

I love to read and have made the promise to pass that trait off to my children.  They both love to be read to so this summer Liam and I will continue to practice him reading to me!  I have to remind myself that it's important to practice reading and writing all summer, so grade one will be that much better!  Sometimes I even get side tracked with so much fun!

He made lots of friends, like I knew he would do.  He learned to read words, write letters, words and numbers, math and a ton of other things.  I was so proud with every new thing he told me. 

Next year I will have to try to get the same picture for a better comparison but it still shows how much he's grown in a school year!  Every day I notice how's grown, he's turning into a wonderful little man and loosing his toddler ways.  I am so proud and happy but a little misty eyed nonetheless!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Living the plan

My dear friend Beth just started writing a blog last week about her plan to be essentially a happier person.  Please check is out here For the Girls, it's hilarious even if you don't know her.  I find it is even more hilarious because I do know her so well.

She has a plan, she always has a plan but this plan is more about learning to make a plan and then actually live it instead of just planning it and seeing the plan through.  She wants to start living the plan and letting it happen.

I think it's fantastic and while perhaps not all of us feel as much need for control as others, I think it's important to take some of those aspects to heart all the time.

I know myself, I have to sometimes think it's time to just say yes instead of no.  See here!

This past weekend, I found myself saying yes!  And just like that, two happy superheroes accompanied me to Walmart!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Saying Yes

I started this post awhile ago and was happy to relive it.  It's a nice little reminder to say yes more often.

Saying yes, it's a simple act but sometimes so hard to do.

This past weekend I said Yes and it was perfect!

I am going to assume that I am not alone.  Since I am work full-time and am still a full time mommy and wife, the weekends are when I get things done.  The laundry piles up, the groceries need to get purchased, things need to be put away and general crap needs to get done!

So usually I am either taking the kids placing and organizing "fun" or I am encouraging my kids to play alone so I can get said "crap" done.

This Saturday I said yes!  Rhys asked me very early Saturday morning to go for a walk in the rain.  So we dressed up in our rain gear and headed down the street!  It was wet and cold but super fun!

Then because we still have to get stuff done, I convinced them to go grocery shopping with me.  After that the afternoon was theirs.  We played hockey in the basement, played Pokemon cards (however that is played??), played outside and had an amazing time.

My kids are growing up so fast and I want to remember to do this more and enjoy them.

I miss it!

I miss my little blog.

It's a been awhile and I thought I was ok leaving it alone for that long.  And in truth I think I needed a break.  Things haven't been the peachiest over the past several months and I just needed time to deal with that and life.

Like the part of my life that was still amazing.  My little monkeys, my amazing husband, my friends, that part of life.  I needed all of my energy to try to really appreciate those parts while perhaps other parts weren't so good. 

I think (or have chosen to believe) that things are on the up hill.  As Joel and I were discussing, coming out the gully and on the way, really there is nothing but up.  So it's getting better. 

Perhaps I am getting more used to the stress and pressure and learning to do things I think are right and be ok with that.  I like to think that and am working hard to keep that attitude.

I don't think I am ready to post this on facebook yet, just incase I am not quite back.

I hope everyone is doing good.  I hope to be back.