Friday, August 31, 2012

keep on keeping on

I can't remember who says that but I liked it.  Like any good blogger, I should probably research that but I am not going to.

If you like the saying great, if you know who said it great.  If not, that's ok!

Thank you for the all lovelies that emailed, texted or called with your concerns over my last post.  Yes it was a little heavy but totally true.

The world is ok, mine was just a little shaken for a bit.  We are good!

I haven't had time to come up with clever things to blog about or to show you some of the things I have been doing because somehow things go crazy over here again!

I assume it might have something to do with have two small children and looking after the business that will someday (perhaps soon) be mine.  It makes things very busy and I seem to not be able to find extra time.

It makes it worse when I have great and wonderful plans to execute in the evening and once the children are finally in bed, I just want to sit on the couch and read my book! Anyone else out there feel like that?

I start a book and the world slips away, Joel doesn't really exist (only to warm up my toes), the dishes stay dirty, the laundry stays piled, the toys stay out but the book comes alive!!!!  I have to leave space and time in between books as to get actually things done around my house.

So that is where some of my time has gone but I don't feel it's a waste, just some much deserved and enjoyed me time!

But I do have lots of things to share with you in the future and I look forward to getting organized to share them with you. 

Next week my oldest starts kindergarten and I have happy and sad all at the same time.  He is so very excited and I am too but I am sure that I am going to cry once I am back at my home.  I don't know what it is but he even seems so much older than he did even in July.  He seems to have grown over night, clothes are surely not going to fit long!  His facial expressions and reactions to things are even leaving the preschooler/toddler phase.  My little man is growing up and I can't be sure I am ready.

I will of course document the event completely and will probably post before and after because of the stress and cuteness of the event!!!!

So I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and we will chat again next week!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The past few days have been interesting to say the least.

When you expect a person to be the person you know and then the truth comes out and it's not what you expected, it is a bit of a blow to system.  That's how things have been going.  My faith in people has been tested and shaken recently.

After some head shaking in disbelief I have decided to continue on with my hope that people can be trusted and aren't always out to get you.  I want to believe people are going to do what's best for themselves but also what is best for the company they work for, the family they have, and the friends they keep.

I am going to continue to leave my keys in my car when I go into the daycare or the post office and believe that no one is going to steal my car.

I am going to continue to leave items out on my front step for people and believe they will leave the money promised in my mailbox

I am going to continue to let my children be children, play outside and make new friends, and believe that adults and children alike are going to treat them with kindness and respect

I will continue to teach my children to believe the best in people and treat everyone with kindness and respect.  I will also teach them to be cautious and smart and to learn when something just isn't right to tell someone they do trust.

I will continue to believe that if we treat someone the way we want to be treated, they are going to do the same for us.

It's the only way I can make it through this crazy world!

I will not allow myself, my company, my family or my friends to be bullied, pushed around or taken advantage of but I will do what I can to make it a better place!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

and camping we went!

As previously stated my version of camping doesn't always mesh with other peoples!

I am happy with that just the way it is, we camped in our 35 ft trailer that had a TV, microwave, shower and separate bedroom in the back.  Thankfully this is my parents trailer and they so graciously allow us to use it whenever they aren't! 

I stated those features because those are not features I grew up with, yes we had a trailer that allowed us to not sleep on the ground and we could eat indoors but that was it.  It wasn't fancy but it was fantastic!!!

These upgrades are a perk as was the clever thinking of my mother to take her old single use Keireg and leave it in the trailer!!!! 

So we packed up Friday and heading west for a little camping adventure at what I must admit is the most kid friendly obsessed campground I have ever been to.  Jellystone Park in Woodstock, NB.

We arrived for Halloween weekend and it was a huge success! 

Our first night it was just our little family of 4....we had fun at the water slides, the parks and of course a campfire!  Saturday arrived and so did our guests. 

What do you do when you have a huge trailer, invite friends!  So we invited our friends to join us in the chaos of camping with two 5 and almost 5 year olds, and 2 two year olds and 4 adults in one trailer!!!!

I can see you thinking, wow, that's a lot of people in one trailer and the potential for meltdown and trouble is high.  We all made it through wonderfully!!

We had a great time!

We decorated our campsite!!  It was Halloween of course!!

Ate Cheesie's!!

Drink beer!!  (they look happy and it was best to keep them happy :)

And then dressed up like the Flintstones!!!

Knowing it was going to be a hot day for trick or treating in August and knowing our costumes are made for October in New Brunswick I made some August appropriate costumes!!!

Everyone feeling cooler in a dress!!!  I saw an adorable post on pinterest of Wilma and Fred and then realized we had the perfect kids for the whole team!  Fabric shopping I went and costumes were made!  The girls mother was in charge of hair accessories and necklaces as that's not really my world!!

It turned out great (even though Rhys refuses to smile), they had fun, they were cool and the parents all thought they looked great.  (the kids, including our own, didn't really know who they were!!)

Here's a little mash up of the cuteness!!

Also included in the camping adventure was:

Riding in the back of the truck!

water slides

mini golf

hayride with Yogi and Cindy Bear

Campfire and smores!!!!

And of course a morning playdate in bed!!

It was a really fun time and we all made out so good that we have plans for another team camping adventure for next year!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

a lot of dirt...

We have lived in our house for 6 summers and have been staring at the mess of plants and stuff along the side of our house.

Throughout the year we would get some flowers on certain parts, as Liam is proudly showing off our flowers (I should know the name of these but I have no clue and am still learning in this game of's a slow process)

A few weekends ago, on a very hot and sticky day I decided we were finally going to do something about it.

That plan ended up being, rip everything out!!!  Except the plant pictured above with Liam and what ever lovely plant grows up my lattice!!  They made the cut....everything else was out!

The boys had a great time collecting plants, moving dirt and using power tools!!!

And of course playing with worms!!!

As with most things, I don't know why we waited so long to attack it.  My life seems to get going so quickly and I am constantly trying to visit with people, take the kids to fun places and get things done that we rarely have a weekend let alone a day to hang out at home.  This summer we realized that we needed to take those days if not weekends!!!

So this beautiful sight is the result of one of those days!

I can see the potential for pretty flowers and plants next summer (I promise to remember their names!!)

My boys see a new spot to play in the dirt....and for the rest of this summer that's just what it is.

We are also going to attempt a raised veggie garden next summer, we have had so many friends tell us of all their yummy veggies straight from the garden and we are jealous! 

Big plans.....big plans!!!  Stay tuned!



When you see the word what do you think?

A tent?

Or a trailer?

Most people tell me they think tents!  Silly people.  I see a trailer!  Yes, this is perhaps a little spoiled of me but it's what I grew up doing.  I dislike when someone says that going camping in a trailer is not camping.  It's all camping, if your going to distinguish then it's called trailering or tenting!!

I am happy for people do to whatevery type of camping they like.  Me?  I like a trailer, I don't do tents!  I have done the tenting thing but usually there were many people, drinking and very little sleeping!  Usually it was a cheap place to "sleep" for a greater purpose!

All through my childhood, we went camping all over the maritimes, quebec, ontario and the new england states.  I often mention a place to my mother and she says, oh you've been there.  We went camping there!  So apparently I have been all over the place, clearly I don't remember a lot of it.  But the things I do remember are awesome.  We had so much fun camping!

Now I just want me kids to have that same experience and memories to look back on.  When I envision camping though, it's to do just that, camp.  Hang out at the campground, visit new people, swim, play and relax!!!  Granted with children most things are not relaxing but I suspect as my children grow the relaxing or at least sitting will get to happen more.....I am keeping my fingers crossed for this, so if you have older children and this isn't true, please do not tell me!!!!

We are heading camping this weekend and I am very excited for the Halloween themed weekend.  The costumes are made (pictures next week), the decorations are kind of organized, the food is partially ready, the packing is not ready but I am ready for a mini vacation!!

I will be envisioning me doing this.

Pretty dress and all!!

While my weekend will look much more like this!

Or this

Happy Weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I get asked all the time if I am going to have more babies!!!!

The answer is always the same, probably  not.  I don't like to commit to either way as it's hard to say a flat no!  I never thought I would have more than 2 children and then I had my 2nd and thought, one more wouldn't be so bad.  Those thoughts happen on the good days!!!  Or when I see a happy pregnant lady walking down the street looking adorable!  Or an oh so cuddly newborn baby!!

Then I have moments where I look around and go, no way am I adding another one to this mess!!!

I am also quite certain that I would not be part of the team that has two children of the same sex and get's the third one in the opposite sex!  I am pretty sure I would have three adorable (yet crazy) boys running around.

So the answer remains, probably not.

However, it was quite funny to have 4 boys under my care for a few hours while vacationing (such a miss used word when travelling with kids!!!) in PEI!

Of course, I thought giving them candy was an excellent idea!!!  As my husband, brother, sister in law and parents headed out for a lovely (child free) lobster supper, the boys and I had spagetti!

I had a few moments (and a few looks of fear, concern, humour from other parents who thought they were all mine) where I thought, this is how it would be for have 4 boys.......ages 2, 4, 8, 10!    It was good and scary all at the same time....I tip my hat to you that have done it, are doing or plan to do it!!!

I thought about picking up a 6 year old along way to just round things out but figured someone might be upset! 

They were really good actually, of course they argued, complained, attacked each other and wanted more candy but those things happen! 

We ate supper, played, had candy and went on a hayride!!

Maybe I could do it???

haha, just kidding. 

They can come to play but not too stay!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

an update!

I am still trying to regroup and relax after the craziness that was July.

So since my brain isn't functioning fully to give you much witty commentary, I will just share a few things that happened in July!

Rhys and Liam getting ready to board in PEI

A very rare photo of me and my boys (I usually have the camera!)

Family time at the country concert

vacation living room camping

Look how tall the boys are!

Cousins at the lake

water sliding!

Liam leading the big soccer guys onto the field

Dr. & Mrs. Dr.!!!!

The lovely bridesmaids

Well that was my July in a picture showcase!  It was a wonderful month, crazy and busy with lots of visits from people I love!!

Have a great long weekend and to my New Brunswick friends.....Happy New Brunswick Day!