Monday, September 9, 2013

Dancing King!


This is for my friend Peter!  My little man at his first (and perhaps) last dance camp.

It was a lesson learned by all.  He loved the dancing, you can see the smile on his face.  He loves to dance and loves to be the centre of attention.  He however does not like to be the only boy at a dance camp!  That's my lesson learned, he told me that he was ok with it about 3 months ago when I signed him up but the reality wasn't as much fun!

Like I suspected and the reason I put him in it is that he loves to dance!  That's the first time he's ever had to follow direction for dance moves.  We do a lot of freestyle at home (haha!)

But he made it the whole week, had fun, learned a couple of dances and made a couple of friends.  Success in my books!  I am trying to raise a well rounded child and perhaps having to go to a dance camp with all girls helps that!

Next up football!! haha!


I tried to upload this about 5 times in the last few weeks and nothing worked.  So here it is on youtube!

The debate continued after dance camp whether he would want to dance or whether we should put him into any more activities.  I thought once a week wouldn't be so bad and if it was boys only, he might be excited.  I found a boys only hip hop class offered at the end of the day but before supper.  With some wonderful help offered by my amazing mother, we have a plan for him to get there!  A little talk with another mom of a dancing little boy, Liam even has a friend in the class.  An added bonus for a 5 1/2 yr old boy!  So he's signed up and I think it's a great decision.
My decision was validated this past week when Liam received a piece of paper with questions from his new grade one teacher.  She wanted to know a little bit more about Liam.
Liam's response to this question made me feel great about my decision.
What do other people think you are really good at?  Liam's answer immediatley is "dancing and they are right!"
I love it!
Just as a side note, he was also asked what made him special and his response was "because my mom thinks so"~!  I teared up a little of course!  He is a special little man and perhaps now we need to expand on why he's so special!!!

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