Tuesday, August 13, 2013

date night

Date night!
After being married for 8 years and having two children, date nights sometimes get put to the side.  Sometimes you feel it's just too much, finding a sitter, paying a sitter, getting dressed up, spending the money to go out, planning.  It's obviously easier to sit on the couch and watch tv.
But it's a must!  We don't do date night enough but we try.  We are trying to make it a priority.  There are so many cheaper ideas and more fun than just dinner! 
A few weeks ago now we went out golfing (my husbands favourite activity, I just liked my new shoes!) and then to supper afterwards.
I was so nice to be able to have a full conversation with each other and to whack the crap out of a golf ball!! haha!  Stress relieved!

I look impressive don't I, look at the form!  It's all for show, looking good on the course is most of the fun.

Have you had any great date nights recently?

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