Monday, September 30, 2013

Little boys

Life is busy, sometimes I write, sometimes I don't.  Hope everyone is ok with that.

The trials and tribulations of having two little boys is hard, it's wonderful but hard.  We have our wonderful loving moments and we have our knock down get out of town moments.  I am happy to be here to experience all of them but definitely love some more than others.

We are in the trying threes as my mother refers to them.  Rhys most often believes he's actually 5 which causes a problem because he is in fact only 3 1/2!  He can't actually do some of the things his little heart desires and it comes as a terrible blow to him.  His temper is feirce but his love is amazing.  He says the funniest things, you just never know what is going to come out of his mouth!  I try to write them down but sometimes it just doesn't work out.  He loves his family (all of them), cares about his friends, gives the biggest hugs (hates kisses!), thinks his dad and big brother are the coolests dudes around and loves his mommy!!! 


Being 5 3/4 is a whole new ball game for us.  Our first go round is stressful, sometimes he seems so grown up, I forget that isn't even 6 yrs old yet.  I expect a lot and have to remind myself he is doing great and will get it!  Boundries are being tested and we are staying strong to what we believe in, so we miss out on some things and are being forced to deal with our consequences.  It's hard!  Liam is the sweetests little man, he has such a strong love for his family, he wants to be everyone's friend, he gets sad when he's left out but thrilled when included (things we try to remind him as to not hurt someone else's feeling), he loves his little brother and is the cutest with small children, he loves to snuggle (until he's too hot), gives great hugs and kisses and loves his daddy and mommy unconditionally (even when mad)!

They are amazing and wonderful, stressful and irritating!  I wouldn't change it for the world and the smallest moments make it all worth while.

Perhaps you are wondering what prompted this little post.

The days blend into one and another and then a moment happens when you realize you must be doing something right!

Yesterday after a long fun day at Hunter Bros, we were eating supper at Murray's in Woodstock with my parents, Joel's parents and his grandmother.  Liam and Rhys were colouring, Rhys was sad that his picture wasn't as neat as Liam's.  Liam was so proud of his picture (coloured really well, chose real colours to display in different sections)! Liam knew he was feeling sad and asked him to help him find the yellow crayon in the bag so he could colour the bus yellow just like Rhys!  Rhys was so happy to help his brother find the crayon and our little melt down was over (for a bit!).  Liam was so caring and kind to his brother in the moment, I melted a little!

Some days are hard and some days are easier but they are all worth it!

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