Thursday, April 11, 2013

Carry On!

Carrior On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton - buy it!

This book, this woman is amazing.  She's not amazing because she is this perfect person we all aspire to be.  She is amazing because she's not that person.  She's been there, done that, moved on.  She is living her life the way she wants to live it and inspires other to live their life.  She knows life isn't a walk in the park and tells you about it.  She explains her story so you can better understand your own.

I loved it.  I know the story I put out there and it's not always the one that's really happening.  As I am sure it isn't for most of us.  We all have our secrets, issues, problems and trouble and most of the time we put on the suit of armour and show that to the world.  Glennon has decide to show us her un armed self in hopes that we can show some people ours when we are ready.

I think it's wonderful to have a space to go and know that by being there you are doing good.  Please visit momastery and look around.  The love and compassion is fantastic to see.

Obviously I took a little break from this blog.  My break was for me, for my sanity and because I didn't know what to write here when so many other things were happening.  Things are getting better and I am working my way through it.  So I am happy to share a little of me again.  I kind of feel that perhaps I now have a little of me to give again!

This website and being a Monkee and this book have helped me, this I am sure!

A special shout to Sarah Schlender for bringing me to this page.  I have sent her multiple emails this winter thanking her for sharing Glennon with me!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Boys Clothes

Hello!  It's been awhile.

I am back today, can't guarantee for long or for constant but today I was ready to come back!

Boys Clothes!

Last week it put me over the edge again!   Adorable, fun, exciting girls clothes are everywhere!  They are constantly taunting me...."look at all these clothes that you can't buy, go look at your green, brown and blues!!!"

Haha, ok, so maybe that is just a crazy moment when I desperately want a little girl to buy for!  My niece Teegan benefits often from my crazy moments!

I must admit that boys clothes have improved even since Liam was born (5 years ago).  However, the outer wear is still an inssue.

Look at these adorable little men from the new Joe Fresh spring ads

And this is a new colour in boys pants/shorts from Gap

This polo has an bold stripe pattern for little boys from h&m

However, then we get to outer wear.  This is the most recent issue I have been having.
The colours are boring and when they do have colours they are usually only in the styles that while cute are mainly for going to and from church or parties, but completely impractical for everyday!

Like this jacket from Gap, it's a cute enough jacket but it's only offered in beige.

I spent all last week searching for a rain jacket.  Every child who plays outside needs a real rain jacket, not a wind breaker but a rain jacket.  Keeping the kids inside because it's went and raining but still warm, not an option in my world!  So a hunting I went.

Not only did I not find very many options (none).  When I finally found ONE they only had an option of yellow or green!  The girls section of very practical rain jackets had red with white polka dots, bright colours or white with flowers!  Do you think I was happy!  Absolutely not.  What would have been the issue with orange or stripes or a car or truck on the boys jackets?  Come on people!

Finally my mother found a Lighting McQueen rain jacket at Walmart.  While I don't usually go with licensed themed outerwear, this red jacket with McQueen all over it was just WAY more fun than the boring yellow one I was forced to by!  So back it went and Liam is rocking his red rain coat today!!!

Boys need do not need fussy clothes but that doesn't mean they need to be boring or plain!  The selection that is provided for girls is mostly double in every store I enter. 

I am not saying we need a billion options but a little more fun would be nice!

That's my rant and I hope some of you are happy I am back. 

It feels good and perhaps we will keep it up for a bit!