Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Online shopping

I know, it's been awhile.  Sorry.

Thanks for everyone that has continued to check out the site even though I haven't put anything on it!

Not sure if this will be consistent but it is what it is.

I decided that I would just post when I felt like talking about something.  Life is busy and somedays/weeks/months I just don't have time!

So online shopping, that's the title of the post, I should probably write about that then!

I really enjoy online shopping sometimes!  I am tall and one might say slender.  My arms and legs are long and I have such a hard time finding things to fit them.  So I enjoy the larger selection online shopping gives me.  However, I can only shop when the return policy is amazing.

I recently bought a really cute skirt from an online store and didn't pay attention to the return policy and wow, now I am stuck with a really cute skirt that is too small!  That isn't fun.

BUT.....there are some wondering sites that have amazing shipping and return policies!!

My favourites are and   I live in Canada, so the first one is my choice but I know both sites are easy to use.  I was so pleased when they finally started shipping to Canada!  so easy to use and the customer service is fantastic! and  They won't ship to Canada but if you know some in the US you can order it to that person and if it's doesn't fit just send it back in the US.  A little more inconvenient but I only live an hour from the border so it's easy!

I have heard wonderful things about  I haven't taken the plunge but it looks wonderful.

So those are my favourites.

My only complaint about online shopping is that the temptation to shop happens everyday!  New deals, coupons and promotions come to my email daily and some days it's just so hard to resist!

Happy shopping!