Wednesday, June 26, 2013

random thoughts

I have these random thoughts through out the day and I thought it might be fun to write them down every once in awhile and take note at how weird I am!

1. When the ink runs out in my pen, while I am a little sad that I have to go find a new one, I am excited because it feels like an accomplishment! 

2. Burning my bum multiple times on my leather seats; makes me remember why I didn't want leather seats!(perhaps my dress is too short but I am most definitely not giving in to that)

3. A few weeks ago, I instagramed my peanut M&M's because I was so excited to have all the colours come out of the fun pack.  I couldn't even wait for the picture to eat the yellow because of course we eat them in order of tastiness.  (I don't even need to discuss that they don't taste different)

4.  Sometimes it's nice to show other people your slight OCD (see #3) because it makes them feel better about grouping colours together or whatever their special thing is!!

5. Shoes at any cost make me happy.  My new $4.24 flip flops, very happy! 

6.  Why do men/boys feel it's ok to take off their shirt but wear jeans, socks and sneakers when it's really hot outside instead of just putting on shorts, sandals and a t-shirt?  Why do we have to witness that?

7.  My children are soon going to be smarter than me and I am terrified!

8.  Watching Property Brothers makes me happy and makes me think people are crazy!  Usually it also makes me feel like I can renovate my own home, which is not true!

9.  Why did no one tell me that if you blow dried your hair before you put it up it wouldn't hurt as much!!!  Where was I on memo day!! I JUST realized this a few months ago!!!  (I have really thick hair and it's heavy when wet and I still didn't figure it out earlier!!)

10.  My children think I am fun when I play lego and jump on the trampoline and that reminds me that I don't need to always plan for fun!

10 seems like a good place to go to. 

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