Monday, February 27, 2012

Hum Drum

So now that I have decided to share this blog with the world, my obligation to keep posting is high!!!

Today's post is just a little about life right now.

We are still in the midst of planning renovations, I would love to say that we are doing renovations but alas the big ones have not started.  We are still working on the upstairs ones that we can do on our own.  I will have some pictures of our progress sometime this week.  I need to find the perfect containers for my upper closet shelves.  I go back to the need for a container store!!!

With the winter months wearing on as they seem to do in February, my ambition to complete these doable renovations is dwindling!!!  I have been staring at my one 98% completed pillow cover for about a week and a half.  I need velcro to complete it and haven't managed to remember to get some!  That doesn't include the 4 other ones that are 0% complete!!!

Last week was a super busy week full of me time and I enjoyed it and didn't feel like doing my household duties.  I took in two pilates classes, a concert and a TV catchup night (by myself!!!)  It was wonderful.  I did feed everyone wonderful meals (if I say so myself!!!), everyone was happy, clean (most of the time) and crazy!!!  So the week went by just fine.  Except my projects continue to stare at me.  This week I might have to get them done, just so I can get my sewing machine off of my kitchen table!!!

This blog post isn't of the upmost importance or even perhaps intersting but hopefully some of you have the same moments I do.  Then I won't feel so bad about enjoying my week of me time!!!

Enjoy your monday and try to squeeze a little "you" time into your day!!

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  1. Your boys really did enjoy the meals last week! Just ask Liam....he wonders quite often when we will be having sloppy joes again!