Friday, February 10, 2012

On hold

Putting things on hold until you have time to deal with them seems like a great idea.

I use this theory often, however some days they explode with importance!  Not fun!

Yesterday was one of those moments.  I got home from work with my two monkey's in tow, Joel was out helping a friend so it was just the three of us.  My kids require juice and a snack immediately upon arriving at home.  So once they were watered and fed, it was time to think about supper. 
Hamburger Helper is was!!  Easy and they love it!  As that starts to cook, I look around my living room/dining room/kitchen and notice all the things I have put on hold.  I start something and then something else comes up. 

The scene was very disturbing, clothes literally everywhere, things in piles to go downstairs, pillows thrown everywhere (waiting for new covers), the sewing machine on the dining room table with one completed cover (the rest of the material taunting me) and toys, books and more toys!!!

I felt I needed to deal with the clothes first but that spiralled out of control because we had been so blessed to get hand me downs recently from my sister in laws and they haven't found a home yet but were nice a clean sitting in a pile.  So in order to put the boys clothes away, I had to sort through all the clothes in existence!  (well maybe just the boys clothes but it still seems liked a mountain)

Too small went in a pile, just right for Rhys went in another pile, too big in one and should fit soon in another.  Everything else went into drawers and closets. 

Stand up and repeat in Rhys's room!

In between all of this, I almost burn supper, had to start and fold laundry, bath the kids and all I really want to do is sit down and eat a big piece of the McCain cake I had thawing on the table!!!

To top everything off, I had to leave the house at 7:15pm gather supplies to finally finish my closet.
Which should alleviate some of my own clothes stress as my clothes have not had a proper home for 2 weeks!!!!

There were no time for pictures last night of the chaos but you can imagine.

Pictures of my newly constructed closet will come soon.  (hopefully next week!!!!)

I hope that your night was less stressful than mine but I hope that I am not alone in my chaos either!!!


  1. your night sounds similar to mine but instead of trying to fix the choas i let mine sit for another day! one of us had been gone all week (laura monday and wednesday night, dave tues and thurs) so really we were just doing dishes, lunches and general cleanup all week... laundry and real big clean up like bathroom and floors was still piling up.. i looked at my chores and decided to sit down and watch the bachelor.. i did fold laundry as i watched but other than that was a real lazy bum! at least you tried! haha

  2. I am the 'Queen' of putting things on hold...dishes, laundry, folding laundry, thank-you cards, wedding photos - you name it - it is probably on hold in my house. By the time I get home from work, Pilates or a run - the last thing I want to do is organize. You are not along and way further along in the organization spectrum than me! I'm not even organized enough to post this in a timely manner. Good work and thanks for keeping me motivated!!