Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring Wish List

In the spirit of NYC fashion week, I thought I would share my current spring wish list.

I know the fashion week is for fall but since we are gearing up for spring in a few months (let's not kid ourselves, the groundhog's predictions don't mean a thing!)

My wish list changes often as I see new things in magazines or online but these ones are here to stay and hopefully sometime this spring my wish list will become additions to my wardrobe!

A boyfriend blazer, everyone keeps talking about the need for blazers to complete an outfit.  It's probably true but I can only get into the style when I don't have to wear another coat over it.  So in my world, it's only a late spring, summer, early fall piece.

Here are a couple I would like to have from

I love the striped lining for rolling up the sleeves, because frankly the likelihood of those sleeves being long enough for my arms is slim!!!

Once again I am liking the coloured lining and the softness of the edges on this blazer.

And maybe a little colour, I love to wear bright blues and who doesn't love a polka dot lining???

Coloured and white cropped pants - I love coloured pants and have been secretly wanting a pair of white cropped jeans for years.  However, I am terrified that the moment I put them on, one of my children will come up and give me a great big hug with chocolate or jam or something equally staining and that will be the end of the pants!
So on the coloured pants, does anyone remember the levi hiphuggers??  Back in high school they came in different colours, oh yes I decided I needed every colour and so I purchased dark blue, light blue, white, red and green!!!!!  Loved them! 

Now I need my grown up version of the levi hiphuggers, the coloured skinny crop pant!!

These red pants from the Gap need to be in my closet!!!  How fun are these!!  AND the bonus, they match the colour of jam.......hugs all around!

These are cute, in case I decide to brave the jam hands!!!!  Also from the Gap.

Fun spring dress - Spring dresses make everything feel so light and airy.  This season we have so many to choose from.  The shirt dress, the full skirt dress, bright shift dresses, colour blocked dress, florals, strips and polka dots!!!!!  They come is oh so many cuts, styles and patterns, everyone can find their perfect one (or ten!) 

Here are a few that I wouldn't mind having.

Adorable shift dress from Banana Republic - great spring colours.

I love the two tone look of this blue/white dress from H & M

I am going to end with a great blue with pink polka dot dress from H & M.

Check out their website for more adorable and affordable spring dresses!!!

I won't even start on shoes, that's for another day!

Happy Spring thoughts!!

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  1. although they are spring items and so not likely to be at the gap outlet yet... do you want me to look for the red skinny pants while in arizona outlet shopping? if so send me an email with size and the product info and the budget and ill see what i can do...