Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Quality Time

Staycation.....such a great concept but sometimes extremely hard to do!

Joel and I had a mini staycation by OURSELVES this weekend.

It was fabulous!!!  We took the boys to Liam's skating lesson on Saturday morning and then dropped them off at my parents house until Sunday at lunch.

They were thrilled to be spending the night at Nanny and Yaya's and we were thrilled at the idea of sleeping in!

We had made a plan to go snowboarding and then out to dinner on Saturday.  The snow storm did not slow us down a bit!  We had a fun afternoon snowboarding at Crabbe and even managed to meet up with two other couples who had gotten away without their children for a few hours! 

Of course, the day was not without me acquiring multiple bruises but that seems to be par for the course!

We then got all prettied up and went out for a wonderful dinner, just the two of us.  It was so nice to be able to order an appetizer, main course and dessert AND to eat it!!!

Sunday morning was fantastic, we slept it and had coffee and breakfast in bed!!!!

It was so nice to be able to just enjoy each others company.  We talked about all the things we just don't seem to find the time to talk about with the kids around.  Our hopes and dreams as they change with each day, our children (of course), and about us!!!

I think that if you have the resources to do this, definitely do it!

We get so busy surviving life that I think we sometimes forget to enjoy it.  I know that we always seem to be extremely busy, even when relaxing and I assume we are not alone.  All relationships take effort and work to make them worth while, we all need to practice a little more of that.

I am happy to report, I had an amazing weekend with my husband!! 

My business minded husband has suggested that we have a staycation on a quarterly basis!!!! 

I like the idea, now just to get my parents to agree!!!

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