Monday, March 5, 2012

Old Navy Shoes

Now some might think I have a slight shoe problem but I tend to dissagree.  I love shoes and try not buy any that won't work with my wardrobe and lifestyle!!  That doesn't always work, I have a pair of 4" almost 5" Nine West gladiator heels that I have worn twice but they were so fun I couldn't leave them behind!!!! 

I went shopping last week with my handy list in tow.  I was searching for a great transition dress from winter to spring and a blazer.  I came home with a tunic, a pair of wool shorts and two pairs of ballet flats from Old Navy!!!  I even shocked myself when I left Old Navy with nothing but two pairs of shoes!  Not usually my first choice for shoes but they were just so cute and such a great price!!!

This red/orange shoe is a perfect pop of colour to add to any outfit!

This shoe I purchase with a bright royal blue toe instead of the yellow for a little taste of spring!

If it would just stop snowing, I could wear these great new shoe purchases!!

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