Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Binge Shoe Purchases

To say I have a slight problem is perhaps being kind.  My husband would say I have a big problem and my mother thinks I need professional help!!

I love shoes!!!  I tend to go long stretches without actually buying any but then I buy one and it's over, I usually buy multiples!!!

One speedy trip to Target several years ago with my brother I bought 4 pairs of shoes in 30 mins!  He had given me a very small amount of time to go into the store and I had a mission.  He spent his 30 mins going to the grocery store and buying beer.  I wisely spent mine searching for the perfect shoe to go with a gorgeous green dress.  I did find that perfect shoe AND 3 others!!!

On another trip to Maine, Portland to be exact I purchased another 4 pairs of shoes in one day.  This time my obstacle was a severely sprained ankle and yet I still purchased some fantastic heels, I just looked a little funny trying them on.

The moral of my story are better bought in bulk!!! haha!

Recently I broke my hiatus on purchasing shoes by getting a cute pair of green/brown short suede boots from Marden's.

Great little boots for spring, the snow won't be kind to them.  I would have another purchase from Marden's but I made the silly decision to not purchase a great pair of black booties for $20!

On to the next shoe purchase!!! (one week later)

Nude platform pump, perfect for anything!!!! (I can't remember the brand name but these were purchased at Winners) (edit, checked last night Marc Fisher)

The next purchase came in a pair!!!  One of my favourite stores The Urban Shoe Myth in Saint John was having a sale last week and unfortunately I couldn't go.  However one of my good friends was able to go and was so kind as to shop via text message for me!!  I came away with two perfect pair of spring shoes.  It's probably best I didn't make it down because for once there were tons of size 10's!!!!

Beautiful black Michael Kors sandals

 Fun shiny silver Corso Como flats

Both just can't wait for spring to arrive, so they can be worn with excitement!!!

One more picture of my cutie pie Rhys admiring my sparkly toe polish.

So that ends (perhaps) another binge shoe purchase extravaganza!!!!!!

Although I am still dreaming of a pair of black booties!!!!

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  1. I love them all - great purchases!! PS - if you really need a trip back to Marden's to pick-up the black booties...I'm in :)