Friday, June 1, 2012

7 years

Monday I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband Joel.

As time goes on perhaps the importance of the date isn't as important as the everyday celebration.  Monday we barely saw each other.  I was out of town for most of the day and Joel had committed to a business league golf night which just happened to starte on Monday.  I was pleasantly surprised to find beautiful flowers when I arrived home at supper time.  Since I know Joel loves some old fashion baking, I surprised him with some shortbread cookies with jam in the middle.  I thought they were jam jams but I am not sure that is the correct name for them.  He said they tasted good though!!

Even though that's how monday went, we are heading to Bangor for an evening away without our kiddies!  I am excited to enjoy some uninterupted talking, shopping without constantly scanning for my children and eating my whole meal in one sitting.

Marriage is a wonderful thing but not an easy thing.  I wish everyone an easy marriage but I know few who have one.  It takes work to join your life with someone else's, to remain your self but work together.  My husband and I have been through some real lows and some real highs and I think those moments and all the ones in between have made us stronger.  We have been forced to deal with real issues, real feelings and create and work on real results.  Something worth keeping is something worth fighting for and that's what a marriage is.  As we continue to grow, change and become the person we aspire to be, we are required to change, grow and revamp our marriage.  Life, work, and children all change the elements of a marriage and those changes require effort to keep it going.

I would like to wish everyone a happy marriage day!!!  Everyone should make a little time this weekend to work on and enjoy their marriage! 

Have a great weekend!

On our rainy May 28th, 2005 wedding day!!

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