Thursday, June 7, 2012


I had posted in the spring about my concern over the newly planted tulips

My concerns: were they going to grow, did I plant them upside down, are the squirrels going to eat them?? (ok, that last one wasn't a concern but is now!!)

Well, we got TULIPS!!!!!

And Irises

The tulips are the second round, I put in different kinds that come at different times (didn't know that until now).  Forgot to take pictures before the massacre took place.  The first batch was apparently very tempting but not yummy for the squirrels as they continued to take the flowers off of them and only eat a few and leave the rest on the ground!   The weapons almost came out!

Liam is impressed with the tulips but didn't want his picture taken with them.  Rhys loves all things outdoors, so he was ready for picture time in the front yard!

The lovely irises were planted by the lady of house before me and miraculously survived the garage being on top of it and then rocks around it! 

I continue to attempt my gardening adventures but I won't expect miracles just yet!  For now I will relish in the beautiful of my tulips and the random flowers that continue to grow around my yard!!!

Perhaps we will get some annuals as long as I promise Joel to diligently water them.  Which I am not so good at!

I hope you have a chance to stop and enjoy the flowers today!!

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