Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shoes, shoes and oh a little more shoes!

68 pairs of shoes!  That's the amount of shoes/boots/sandals/sneakers that I found around my house yesterday while attempting to organize!

Might not be a lot to some but it was actually more than I thought!  I was a little surprised.  I did however go through them and removed 13 of them.  Leaving me with just 55 pairs!  Some of the removed shoes where very old, hurt when I wore them and really how many pairs of back up sneakers does one need??

I enjoyed going through them and reminding myself of what I had to choose from.  I felt inspired by my friend Jill's blog post about revamping her wardrobe.  I had shoes everywhere and had been ignoring the mess for many many months.  But it was time for them to all have a home!  They now all have a proper place and hopefully this will make finding them and remember them a little easier.

When you have a giant pile of shoes.......shouldn't you jump in them and take pictures??

Grab a shoe and say cheese!

The organizing continued a little into my clothes closet but just enough to make room for some shorts and pack away some winter clothes that were taking up room. 

Thankfully I did go through the winter clothes to make room because I found two new pairs of shorts I bought at the end of the last summer season and was apparently hiding them under 5 wool sweaters!  I purchased 4 pairs of shorts to replace most of my old ones a few weekends ago and luckily didn't go for beige or black.  So now I am doing great for was a happy moment!

My equally fashion crazy friend Amanda is going to come up in a few weeks and we are going to go through the clothes to see what should stay and what should go, what I might need and how to work what I have! 

Stay tuned for that adventure....we will document and post!

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