Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Since I wrote a post for Mother's Day, I figured I should give equal opportunity for Father's Day!

So I would like to wish Joel a very happy father's day!!!  He is an amazing father and his boys love him so much.  They make me so happy when I watch them follow him around and try to do things he does!  He is patiently waiting to take them to the golf course and loving teaching them new tricks.  Their giggles and glee with wrestling and playing football is music to my ears! 
I must admit, I am happy but a little sad when they want Daddy instead of mommy but it just proves what a good man I married and wonderful dad they have.  We did good!!!

Since Joel is a product of his parents, it goes to stand that my father-in-law Larry is a wonderful, caring man.  He has welcomed me in their family since day one.  This worked out well since within the first few weeks of me living up in Carleton county I had to call him when I ended up in a ditch!!!  He is a great father to his children and a wonderful grandfather (Bucky) to his grandchildren!

And last but not father, Wesley.  Or Chopper as we like to call him.  I have been a daddy's girl forever!   He has always been there for me when I needed him and like most, sometimes when I didn't.  I never doubt his love for me or for those he loves! His a great dad and a wonderful grampy (Yaya) to his grandchildren!  He has a big heart and some great sayings! 
He drives me nuts sometimes but I love him!

So Happy Father's Day to these three wonderful father's in my life and to all you other great father's out there! 

I hope you all had a great day!

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