Thursday, May 3, 2012

Whirlwind trip

We made it back from our whirlwind trip to Toronto.  We had so many things packed in and only didn't make it to one of them!  I am blaming that on the subway!!

When getting ready to travel, I (being a planner) plan my outfits for each activity and day while I am away.  This makes getting ready easy, packing simple and usually leaves room for shopping purchases!!!  My husband however is only starting to learn this wonderful habit!  He usually throws A LOT of clothes into a suitcase and away he goes!  However when we are travelling with the boys and we have to share a suitcase, I had to say that could not be the case!

Here is my list:

I plan the outfits and then make the list.  I did the same with the boys clothes and we had lots of room (well perhaps not lots but enough) for everyone's clothes to be in two suitcases!!!  Good thing because we had a bag for car seats and a stroller!!!!

It makes me feel slightly like a dork when packing but it works well and hasn't let me down yet!!!

Our trip was action packed and hopefully memory making!
The zoo did not dissappoint.  There was so much excitment, yelling, giggling and playing!!! We could have spent so much more time there (even though it was freezing!!!).   Will will definitely be going back next visit, many more continents to explore!  We took pictures of every animal and some of my tiny animals!!

The rest of the trip was taken up with visiting with family, swimming, dinner our with my brother and his wife (without kids!!!), breakfast with a friend and a first communion!

Monday before we headed home our last stop (adventure)was a visit the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), my love of educational adventures has not wavered and I enjoy starting young!! 
We only visited the 2nd floor and they had a great time!

After our dinosaur adventure, it was time to head back on the plane!!!  The boys did a great job on the plane.  Rhys told his daycare teachers that his favourite part about the plane was getting off!!!! 

We had a great trip and I was happy to be home!

Visiting Toronto (and other large cities) always makes me appreciate home and the way we live!!!

As I had promised Liam and Rhys, when we arrived home on Monday I put our pictures on the computer and let the boys pick out 20 pictures to go in album that I had ready and waiting.  Liam was too excited and picked 40, so I had to go pick up another photo album.  After the boys went to bed; I went out, printed the pictures and put them in photo albums to deliver with them at daycare the next day!!!

They had just as much fun showing their pictures at daycare and telling all about their adventures.

That makes me happy!!!

I believe we had a successful adventure!!!!

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  1. I think your trip was a great success! It was wonderful to see you all and have time to catch up. I am happy to see the pictures from the ROM, the boys must have been so excited!

    Looking forward to our playdate in July!