Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dress Up

Nothing makes a day better than when you get to dress up. 

Liam had a face painting day last Friday and we were supposed to create coordinating costumes to go with it.   Being the boy who's dream is to be a superhero when he grows up,  Liam choose a superhero mask.

Will we had several superhero costumes to choose from, I had hoped to create a new costume to go with the face painting but a little sickness put me on the sidelines.   So we resorted to our multiple superhero costumes.   After much deliberation, Liam chose spiderman but added a cape because who doesn't love a cape???? 

Liam was amung great company as 6 other boys in his class were also spiderman.  Since coordinating is key,  he changed his face painting choice and came home as spiderman!!!!

Of course if you get awesome face painting done you must then document it extensively before removing it!  Liam has a beautiful smile but usually in pictures he looks pained. 

Put face paint on and his wonderful smile shines!!

Rhys was extremely sad to find out that he did not also have a costume day, so we found his tiny spiderman costume in his closet added pants and away we went!!

Rhys was not prepared to pose!!  Liam all over it!

However in anticipation of creating a costume, we dug out my tickle truck and ended up in a little dress up session!  The boys loved the cape, wanted gloves, sunglasses and of course thought a tiara was a fantastic idea!

I am pretty sure that Rhys thinks this is how you do the over the shoulder look!!

Which then started a trend!

Everyone needs a tickle truck!!  I have been collecting for years and now I think I need to start collecting more boy/children sized articles!

These little boys make me giggle everyday and these pictures will make me happy for years to come!!!

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