Tuesday, May 8, 2012


After weeks or maybe even months of dreaming of putting some pictures and frames back on my wall, we finally got it done.  Honestly it didn't take more than an hour to get everything done and Joel had most of the grunt work to do but boy did it take us a long time to get organized.

Does this happen to you?  I have had the shadow boxes, frames, boards and pictures ready for months (I was just being generous to myself with the weeks comment!!) and it took one random night to get them done.

But the result makes me happy every time I walk by!  You would think that I would have done it sooner, do you take a long time to get something done and then wonder why it took you so long?

The real catalyst was scoring my favourite hooks from IKEA last weekend.  I had purchased them on a whim last year and only bought 4!  Those worked great for keeping my boys lunch bags and book bags hung up neat and out of the way (I will post a picture of that next time).  I searched around town to find the same kind but couldn't find any.  So I picked up many this past weekend and put Joel to work!!

These are the hooks, not fancy but more my style.  I don't like the round more decorative ones.

I needed a place to hang my new measuring cups.  Right above the stove is perfect.  I wonder what else I should hang on the two lonely hooks??

Next we moved on to our (soon-to-be) rotating art display centre.

We have a sort of half wall by our back stairs and it was just bare for so long because I couldn't decide what exactly to put there.  Then I found these shadow boxes on sale and art work will be on display from now on.

Picture frames from kijiji.

We have a lot of brown/beige colours in our living room and rely on accents of colour to spruce up the place.  So I decided to paint my kijiji purchased picture frames, put in some art work and the middle frame is waiting for an adorable picture of my boys.  Hopefully this week!!
This wall also remained bare for the past two years because I just wasn't sure what to do.  This makes me smile as I enter my back door! 

These wood/metal strips from more artwork and pictures have been sitting in my dresser drawer for over a year.  They initially had another purpose when I purchased them but during our whirlwind decorating evening, they seemed perfect.

We had some left over art work and some new zoo and dinosaur pictures and a bare space in our hallway.  So I decided these could be more useful for rotating artwork and pictures and brighten up the bare hallway.

All of these new additions, as simple as they were add happiness to my walk through my house.  Joel might not agree since he did all the grunt work but I love them!

I hope that these perhaps inspire you to do that project you have been putting off.  I also hope it inspires me to keep going through my list of projects.  I will post as I get going!!

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