Tuesday, May 8, 2012

over 1000

This may not be exciting to anyone else but I am glee with excitement that I have had over 1000 blog viewings.  There is a huge chance that about 100 of them are from myself but that's still great!

It makes me very happy that people are reading my blog and I hope enjoying it.  I hope by sharing my random sometimes crazy thoughts, comments, views and stories that I can bring a little happiness or understanding to your world.

I was looking through my pinterest "Things that are great folder" and thought I would share these little quotes with you.

Everybody deserves the right to shine!

Keep a positive look on things.  If we all think back, even on our worst days there is probably something that happened that was wonderful!

I have to keep these words close at hand each day!

I believe Dr. Seuss knew a few things and chose to tell us using clever word placement and rhyming because it's a really fun way to learn!!
Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting!!!

Come back often!

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  1. Congrats babe! I'm very proud of you!