Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Vacation" part 2

And we continue....
So I left town again, this time with my parents and my children to Freeport, ME!  Travelling with my kids is not the most fun; they like to run, stretch, yell, etc...  Things you can't do in the car (or shouldn't do in the car)
We spent 7 hours driving a 4 1/2hr drive.  Rhys had to use the washroom many times on the side of the road (his highlight, not mine!)  Finally we had to separate them and give each child a grandparent to play with! 
We arrived in Freeport in time for supper and a visit to a concert and pirate playground!

It's hard to get a picture on the pirate ship, Rhys was there somewhere!!  It was a great playground, too bad I can't remember the name of it.  We listened to a concert while the kids played and made new friends!

Yes Liam is quite high in that tree.  I am all for exploring and climbing trees but I wish I could stop picturing the worst possible situation when they are up there!  I remained calm from the outside but inside was a whole different story.  I don't want to be that parent that doesn't let them do anything, not to take risks.  Being a kid is about taking risks, figuring how to take those but in the safest way.  I hope that I am teaching him those skills he will need in the future (and today) but wow, my heart pounds with concern in those moments!!

Rhys wanted in the tree but thankfully was super happy to stay on this branch with Mommy and Yaya close by!

Of course we visited LLBean and Rhys posed for some pictures.  Shopping with my kids is not relaxing.  I had left the boys with my dad on the lower level and was shopping with my mom.  I found a bunch of clothes to try on, so I headed into the change room.  My mom walked by the stairs to the lower level and saw my dad walking around the fish pond by himself.  The boys had hidden or walked away when dad turned around for a second.  Happens all the time, my kids love to hide in the clothes racks!  So they looked around and then asked the lovely lady with the microphone to page my monkeys!
As I am in the change room, I hear the ding of an announcement about to happen.  Before she even starts I just know it's my kids missing.  As I am throwing on my clothes is says Rhys and Liam please come to the fish pond to meet your party!!
I walk briskly to the pond and there come my kids walking hand in hand towards the pond.  I am quite proud they knew to come to the pond and that they could find it!  Liam was a little disappointed there was no party!!!
After that little adventure my wonderful parents took the kids back to the hotel to swim and let me shop for 2 glorious hours by myself!  Let's just say I have become a very efficient shopper over the years!
Then we went to dinner at the Freeport Grill and Rhys wanted to get close to the girl singing.  He didn't dance or anything just stared her down.  I think he really liked her singing but I have to assume it was slightly intimidating for them!!
The had a open green space and playground fenced in with the restaurant.  Let me just say, brilliant!  The kids could play and run, we could sit and relax and when supper was ready they came back to eat!!!  That's the reason we picked it and we will be back for sure!
 Once we realized the one child/ one grandparents dynamic worked out at the end of the drive down, that's how we drove the whole way home.  I sat in the front by myself listening to music and chauffeured the troops!  Much better time on the way home!
I was so excited to get back home that day.  It had been a long vacation and I was ready to go back to work!!! haha!

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