Monday, September 29, 2014

more camping!

Too many pictures for one post!

And as I was getting ready to write this, I realized it was actually in August.

Camping camping and more camping.  It's funny but truthfully we only went camping 3 times this summer, that was plenty for me.  We need a few camping recruits so there are other grown ups around!

We thought we would go to a slightly calmer camping zone for our last trip of the summer.  We went to Mactaquac Provincial Park.  I had been so many times with my family when I was little, a few times a summer and every labour day weekend.  I remember so many things about it and hoped my kids would enjoy it the same way as me!

We ended up getting the best spot, we turned our trailer to face the large field and playground and we were set!

 They play, I get to hang out at the trailer!  Win win!
 Water fight fun
Just to prove we were actually both there!
 They have a new restaurant at the golf course, so we voted not to cook one night but went to dinner!!!  So yummy!
 Liam practicing his picture taking skills in Moco Restaurant at Mactaquac Provincial Golf Course!
 Good morning! 
What you don't have tackle practice before breakfast?
 Hiking the beaver pond trail!
 We don't see many animals as my animals are a little too loud!
 love these boys!
 pj's by campfire!
Testing out the sun shade before heading to the beach.
We went hiking, raspberry picking, swimming at the beach, exploring the woods, beach and eating!  We went to the recreation centre many times, played lots of games and played with old toys!
We had a great time but boy was I ready to get back home and rest.  The month just took so much out of me that I was glad August has arrived and was looking forward to a little more relaxing.  Which never happened but it's nice to dream!!!

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