Friday, September 12, 2014

"Vacation" - part 1

Vacation is in quotations marks in the post title since it was not at all a relaxing vacation.  It was indeed a break from work but wow, things could have gone a little more smoothly.

It all started with our planned parents get out of town weekend to watch a country concert.  That did not happen, 2 of the 3 couples got to PEI but the third was sidetracked due to the Hurricane Arthur barrelling through the Maritimes!  Yup, we went away camping and a Hurricane comes through, it was actually down graded to a Tropical Storm but that's still a big deal!

Grown ups ready for our weekend without kids!

It was a lovely Friday evening with this amazing couple!

Current fav picture of the hubs and I!

Of course we got lobster in PEI, this was the time we found out the concert was not going to happen and the whole building was creeking from the wind!
Katie made us Blake Shelton shirts and thought we should model them in the wind since we wouldn't get to wear them!
Then we spent the next 12 hours texted home to find out about all the damage and sat in the trailer that at one point (or several) we thought was going to tip right over!
The storm passed and the winds died down enough for us to be allowed back across the bridge and we headed for home to access the damage!
We arrived home to no power but no full trees down.  Lots of big branches, little branches and leaves to clean up.  We were very fortunate!
That obviously caused a chaos and less than fun atmostphere for "vacation".  Work was without power and situations had to be dealt with!
So the adventure continues.....

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