Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mommy and me!

I have always heard and thought that spending individual time with each child is important.  My brother does this and has even started taking his kids on separate trips once they were older.  I think it's a great idea and something we will definitely try!

Then I read about it again on Shay Shull's blog Mix and Match Mama.  I talk like I know her, I don't but I have said it before, I think we would be friends!

She and her husband took their children on different trips, it seems like a wonderful idea.

So Saturday was our day, Liam was oh so excited to go with Joel and search for reptiles.  I was not sad to be missing out on that adventure.  So Rhys and I set out to do our own adventure.

 Every good adventure starts with a photo!

Then a trip to the Northside Market for snacks!

 And update from Joel and Liam with their matching hair styles and shades getting ready to head out on their adventure!

Rhys was allowed to choose anything he wanted and he wanted to go golfing.  So I set out at Carmen Creek Golf course with a 4 year old.  He did an amazing job, after he connected with the ball on the first hole, he got it right on the green.  We lasted 4 holes, which I was impressed by!

Then I piggybacked him ALL the way back while pulling the golf clubs!
Next was a trip to the Country Pumpkin, drinks were needed after our big game.  We bought yummy food, fed the animals and played on the playground.

 By this time we had heard the Joel and Liam were at Boston Pizza.  We decided to meet up for lunch.
After lunch the boys voted to hang out again together and we all went home to watch a movie!
I am always amazed how the boys can be so mad at each other one minute and great buddies the next.  They were super excited to have separate days but were equally excited to reunited!  That makes my heart happy!
Rhys and I had a great morning and I hope to do it again!
Liam and Joel had a fun filled morning of sticky buns from Chess Piece, cd's, video games, reptiles and frog hunting!
Next time, it's a Mommy and Liam adventure!

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