Friday, September 26, 2014

the rest of July! part 1

The rest of July was camping.  The weeks were at work but the weekends were camping.

If you remember from last year, my version of camping doesn't always match everyone else's but this is the only way I survived and if we are being completely honest, I barely survived!

After our first camping trip being in a tropical storm, I had high hopes for the weather, especially since we had a kids with us.

My parents are amazing people, not only did they provide me with amazing camping experience, they are willing to show my kids!

They asked to take the kids for 3 days camping at Jellystone Park in Woodstock, NB.  That place is a kids gold mine, parents sometimes go a little crazy but kids love it!  They spent 3 days bouncing, swimming, mining for gold, mini golfing, crafting and wrangling the boys to sleep!  Once Friday hit, they were very excited to see Joel and I pull up shortly after supper!

My parents headed home for a rest and Joel and I were on duty!

 Joel and I went out to dinner, kid free!  Before duty started!!

Excited for  Mrs. Dunsters donuts!
 Rhys got really brave this summer and started jumping into the water and going over his head....huge progress from last year!  So of course he wanted a picture!  Liam had the most fun when Joel was throwing him across the pool, yes I took a video, no I won't be posting it!
 We were full into the water fun weekend!  Liam favourite part was attacking the wagon ride with water, he recruited the cousins and was a force to be reckoned with!  He was having so much fun that he decided not to go on the water slides.  Finally near the end, he decided he would ride in the wagon and hopefully attack more people in the campground!
 Shooting practice!
 Line dancing lessons are a great way to end the day!
Good morning Yogi and BooBoo!!!!
It's a great campground for kids!  They have so much fun and it's easy for us.  They are never bored.  Tired, exhausted, cranky but not bored!!!
To be continued!

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