Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Scholastic was one of the benefits of my kids going to daycare. 

I realize that some people find those handouts annoying and just a waste of paper. it!

It's like getting the Sears catalogue in my world.  I am the aunt that buys books!  The mom who gets so excited to pick out books and is thrilled when they arrive.  I look over them intently putting stars beside the ones I want, names beside some for presents and then I have calm down and actually pick a few that the boys will really love.  Some days I have to be strong and realize we have a ton of books and at some point Joel is going to lay down the big NO card on book orders!  I figure if I maintain some restraint that he won't pull it out.  Doing good so far.

I am not the only one who is excited on scholastic delivery day.  I am happy to report that Liam told me on the way home from school today " Miss Gallagher put a surprise of a whole bunch of books in my communication bag"  this was said with glee and excitement!!!!

We made it in the door and they opened up the book bag to get at the new books!

Today's book order!!!!

Nothing makes me happier than happy reading little boys.....well unless they are snuggling like this!
Aren't they just the cutest!!!
Happy Reading!!!!

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