Friday, October 5, 2012

Thanksgiving....a time of thanks

My son was asked what he was thankful for at his afterschool program the other day.

His answer: Candy!

yup, that's my kid!  We are working a expanding that answer to include a little more!!!

It got me thinking, what am I thankful for.?

I am thankful for cries for mommy at 2:30am because your bugbite hurts (last night)...because I know he knows I will always be there!

I am thankful for morning snuggles when your son is looking at you and it's oh so early!

I am thankful for those glorious mornings when my husband gets up and makes coffee and sits with the monkey's while I lay in bed...going back to sleep doesn't always happens but just laying is nice!

I am thankful for my parents because I don't know if I could be a parent without them!  I know I woudn't be the parent I am if it weren't for them being my parents!!!  (I know, lots of "parents" but it's true!)

I am thankful for date nights, to find my husband again!

I am thankful for family game night and movie nights!

I am thankful for family hockey on the deck when Liam says that girls can play hockey!  He wasn't so sure for awhile!~

I am thankful for smudged supper on my sweater because the boys just can't wait until supper is over to give me hugs!  (or they just really want to get my clothes dirty)

I am thankful for my friends, knowing they are there for me when things are happy or sad! 

I am thankful for giggles, hugs, snuggles and belly laughs!

I am thankful for my two adorable little men, Liam and Rhys; a little smile, hug or "I like your neck-a-less mommy" can turn any day into a great day!

I am thankful for Joel, who has to put up with alot and still loves me, thinks I beautiful and occasionally thinks I am as funny as I think I am!

What are you thankful for??

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

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