Monday, October 1, 2012


Don't ya hate pants??

This is a little view into my theory on pants.  My friend Adele and I took this 20 sec recap on pants and have pushed it a little too far sometimes but that's normal.

Homer wants to burn his pants and if you ever watched the show, he loves to be without pants.

I don't exactly agree with Homer but there are many days that I do hate pants, not perhaps for the same reason as Homer.  And just as a little disclaimer.....I was about 15 when I decided this was a cool reference and I am unsure why it never left me!

I have a 34" inseam for pants to touch the ground.  I am sure you are thinking, oh it must be so nice to have such long legs.  Why yes it is, I do actually love them however, covering them is a whole other issue!!!!!

High school was bad enough trying to find pants that were long enough but then by some stroke of luck, I grew another inch after high school and could finally stop saying " I wanna be 5'10 like Cindy Crawford"  because I achieved that goal!!

For those of you that don't understand that glorious quote, it's from Clueless!  (one of my all time favourite movies)  Judge if you must but I will not be told differently!!!  I often have clever one liners from that movie go through my head for many occasion in my real life.  Usually I keep them to myself because it's not as fun to have to explain it but if Amanda is around, there is no need for explanation!!!

Anyways, I veared off topic for a moment.


Pants really have been my nemisis for years.  When I find a pair that fit and are long enough, it's like a magically moment and I want to buy multiple pairs.  Which usually is what happens.  The thing is that I usually can't buy them around my hometown.  Different lengths is more available than it was before but still I don't think everyone is using the same measuring stick!

So finding pants that just fit and can be worn with flats is pretty good but then I live in constant fear of them shrinking in the washing machine (it happens!!!)  Finding a pair for wear with heels that are taller than 2 inches is a little more challenging.  But then trying to find cute shoes that are 2" is also challanging!

So I have a collection, some are very old but I have managed to keep them in good condition.  These are dress pants that I speak of.

Jeans have a whole other level of trauma!  Sometimes you think they are long enough and then they hit the washing machine.....boom, you are giving them away to your short legged friends!  Jeans to wear with heels, even harder but finally doable.

Cords, forget about it.  Although the lovely world of skinny jeans has brought some cord love!  Skinny jeans are great when they aren't made for someone who is uber skinny and wanting to flaunt the bum cleavage. 

Skinny jeans with a nice medium size rise........wonderful!  The reason for this is, it's ok if they only come to my ankles!  They still look cute with flats, booties and great tucked into tall boots!

Yoga pants.....another tricky situation.   Find a pair, buy multiples

Gym pants or fleece pants for around the house!  Impossible!  So if you ever see any long ones out there let me know.  My search continues!!

Even after this rant, the pants I have problem with aren't even mine!

My little monkeys just keep growing and my smallest monkey is getting taller everyday.  Pants,they don't fit, everyday!

So in my organized rubbermaids of clothes, I assume I will be finding some wonderful size 3 pants!


I have lost pants!!!  They are no where in my house.  Somehow they have either been thrown out or given away by mistake.  Devasted, I am!

Now, not only do I need to buy Liam new pants....because we all remember my back to school prep.  He's getting close.
Now I have to buy size 3 pants for Rhys.....not fun!

But on a good note, I have plently of size 4's!!!

I hope everyone has a hassle free pant day!

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