Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Ombre.....it's everywhere.

Sometimes I believe and what I really mean is I am totally right!

I believe that most trends are accidents, someone didn't actually sit down and think of a trend and then someone made it.

Someone made something, either by accident or on purpose and the powers that be deem it cool!  It soars from there.

Ombre hair ***

This was not a thought out trend.  This is a result of letting ones hair grow out!  Instead of keeping up the blonde highlights, they were left to grow out!

I have been rocking ombre hair for YEARS!!

Just in slightly less versions.  However, going through my pictures to see if I could find a really good one made me realize a couple of things. 
One, I am not in the majority of pictures, which to me is a shame.  I like a good picture of me!!! haha!
Second, I am either wearing a hat or have my hair up in most pictures!  I should probably do my hair more!

Moving on:

Ombre nails....

Probably the first time was a nail polish mistake that looked cool!

I barely get the time to paint my nails, so I have nothing to show here!

Ombre Clothing>>>

I feel that it gave textile people a way to use up their mistake textiles and clear out the warehouse.  Don't get my wrong, I like some of it but some of it just looks like they made a gross miscalculation on the amount of dye and the dye time!

This is a tie dye job gone a little astray but with a pretty outcome!  Boom....new trend!

Ombre baking---

I kind of feel this one was born out of lack of food colouring!  I have done this, many years before it was cool because I couldn't quite get the colour I was searching for and only had so much frosting.  So I started to frost the cupcakes with what I had, two at a time, adding a little more food colouring as I went.  Looked pretty but was create out of need.

Now it's given a name and it's cool!!

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