Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Most ladies love it, some men love it and kids mostly hate it!!!

I would like to someday take part in a little American Black Friday fun however I am left slightly concerned for our need to have have have!!

I do not think there is anything that I NEED that would get me to stand in line for days in order to get.  I know there is nothing I WANT bad enough to wait inline for days.

I can't even grasp how people can do that, I read that one woman took her two teenage sons with her and waiting in a line up from Wednesday afternoon for a store to open (I hope on Thurdsay evening, can't remember) to buy two TV's and save $700!  She missed Thanksgiving dinner with her family, she made her children miss Thanksgiving with their family!!!!!!!!!!!  My question is, did she NEED those TV's, where they that important???  Her response was that she could spend the rest of the weekend with her family.

Of course, that's what weekends are for!  However, Thanksgiving is apparently a HUGE deal in the US.  Shouldn't that be the big deal????

I also can't understand the need to steal, hit, swear and be generally mean to people while shopping for these great deals.  Isn't it the time to be thankful for family, friends and basically your life!

To those crazy people who ruin the fun.......step back and think about it!

For those people who love to shop and just enjoy the adventure (and a good deal), I say HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!

***side not:  I will be attempting to spend the rest of the day avoiding my cyber monday emails in attepts to not buy things I don't really need!!!!  Wish me luck!

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