Monday, September 17, 2012

...and we recap!

The past few weeks have been crazy!

School started, work turned into chaos and the weather got colder!!!

I have felt guilty for not posting but my brain isn't being as creative as I would like it to, so I thought we could recap the past few weeks avoiding all the unfun stuff that has been happening and only posted about the fun we have had!

The last weekend of the summer was spent at my brother's cottage.  We enjoyed a boat ride, playing outside and in the shallow water and searching for frogs!!!


Then we rounded out that weekend with the FREX, oh how I love the Fredericton Exhibition for those of you not familiar with it!  It's our version of a fair!

The rides were spinning, turning and swirling and I was expertly avoiding them all!  My kids are still on the little rides and can go together which is just perfect for me! 

Rides, candy apples and my son posing like a pro!!!   Oh his brother got one too because what are grandparents for if not to whine to because you didn't want to share and get you your own!!!!

We watched crazy people jump from high diving boards into a small pool, we watched other people's children ride motocross bikes off a ramp and do tricks!  Sadly that's what I think now, watching those boys/men doing really neat tricks on their bikes all I could think was those are someone else's little boys and someday could be mine!  Scary!!!!

And Liam FINALLY got to watch fireworks, 11pm is just too late for this little boy so these September ones that happen at 9:30pm where still a stretch but doable!  He loved them and hasn't stopped talking about them.

Since it was so late, I assumed Rhys would be tired while waiting.....nope!

This was his favourite activity until the fireworks started and he leaped into my arms.  Rhys did not love the fireworks.  Maybe next year!

Then we had our first week of the 2's room and afterschool programs AND then the magical first day of Kindergarten!!!

Liam is doing great and I am feeling pretty good about it!

Work was still insane but that's no fun to talk about!!!  Apparently that's just how it's going to be from now on!

This past weekend was filled with lots of fun.  On Friday, we gathered in secret for Joel and his sibling to surprise their father with tickets to his favourite concert and a hotel stay in Halifax for his 60th birthday.  Before the gathering, Joel and I went over to Marden's (a place of secret finds!!!!!) in search of fabric.  While I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, I did find some very fun pieces for some future projects which I will of course share later!  (Just need to find the time to start, do and complete them)

Then Saturday was filled with dancing and music as we attending the children's portion of our local Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival!!

The boys dancing up a storm

Then banged on some drums!!

All in all, a fun time! 
We capped off our fun morning with a dark and gloomy afternoon of thunder and lightening, which needed games, lego and snacks to take our mind off the noise!

Sunday was time for a little church.  Rhys has been asking to wear his tie for weeks and finally Sunday was the day....they are quite happy to be dressed up!

Then it was off to the Gagetown Fruit Farm for Open Farm Day.  It was a nice little adventure, we had a wonderful lunch at their restaurant, visited some animals and took a tractor ride


And then a ferry ride to Jemseg.....who says we don't get out!!! Haha!

The exciting life of the Dickinson's!!

It was a lovely weekend that could have been a little longer to get the things done that I needed to but put off to get out of the house and forget about all the other things that stress my world!

Oh well, there's always next weekend!!

Happy Monday!

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