Thursday, August 2, 2012

an update!

I am still trying to regroup and relax after the craziness that was July.

So since my brain isn't functioning fully to give you much witty commentary, I will just share a few things that happened in July!

Rhys and Liam getting ready to board in PEI

A very rare photo of me and my boys (I usually have the camera!)

Family time at the country concert

vacation living room camping

Look how tall the boys are!

Cousins at the lake

water sliding!

Liam leading the big soccer guys onto the field

Dr. & Mrs. Dr.!!!!

The lovely bridesmaids

Well that was my July in a picture showcase!  It was a wonderful month, crazy and busy with lots of visits from people I love!!

Have a great long weekend and to my New Brunswick friends.....Happy New Brunswick Day!

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