Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I get asked all the time if I am going to have more babies!!!!

The answer is always the same, probably  not.  I don't like to commit to either way as it's hard to say a flat no!  I never thought I would have more than 2 children and then I had my 2nd and thought, one more wouldn't be so bad.  Those thoughts happen on the good days!!!  Or when I see a happy pregnant lady walking down the street looking adorable!  Or an oh so cuddly newborn baby!!

Then I have moments where I look around and go, no way am I adding another one to this mess!!!

I am also quite certain that I would not be part of the team that has two children of the same sex and get's the third one in the opposite sex!  I am pretty sure I would have three adorable (yet crazy) boys running around.

So the answer remains, probably not.

However, it was quite funny to have 4 boys under my care for a few hours while vacationing (such a miss used word when travelling with kids!!!) in PEI!

Of course, I thought giving them candy was an excellent idea!!!  As my husband, brother, sister in law and parents headed out for a lovely (child free) lobster supper, the boys and I had spagetti!

I had a few moments (and a few looks of fear, concern, humour from other parents who thought they were all mine) where I thought, this is how it would be for have 4 boys.......ages 2, 4, 8, 10!    It was good and scary all at the same time....I tip my hat to you that have done it, are doing or plan to do it!!!

I thought about picking up a 6 year old along way to just round things out but figured someone might be upset! 

They were really good actually, of course they argued, complained, attacked each other and wanted more candy but those things happen! 

We ate supper, played, had candy and went on a hayride!!

Maybe I could do it???

haha, just kidding. 

They can come to play but not too stay!!!!

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