Thursday, August 16, 2012



When you see the word what do you think?

A tent?

Or a trailer?

Most people tell me they think tents!  Silly people.  I see a trailer!  Yes, this is perhaps a little spoiled of me but it's what I grew up doing.  I dislike when someone says that going camping in a trailer is not camping.  It's all camping, if your going to distinguish then it's called trailering or tenting!!

I am happy for people do to whatevery type of camping they like.  Me?  I like a trailer, I don't do tents!  I have done the tenting thing but usually there were many people, drinking and very little sleeping!  Usually it was a cheap place to "sleep" for a greater purpose!

All through my childhood, we went camping all over the maritimes, quebec, ontario and the new england states.  I often mention a place to my mother and she says, oh you've been there.  We went camping there!  So apparently I have been all over the place, clearly I don't remember a lot of it.  But the things I do remember are awesome.  We had so much fun camping!

Now I just want me kids to have that same experience and memories to look back on.  When I envision camping though, it's to do just that, camp.  Hang out at the campground, visit new people, swim, play and relax!!!  Granted with children most things are not relaxing but I suspect as my children grow the relaxing or at least sitting will get to happen more.....I am keeping my fingers crossed for this, so if you have older children and this isn't true, please do not tell me!!!!

We are heading camping this weekend and I am very excited for the Halloween themed weekend.  The costumes are made (pictures next week), the decorations are kind of organized, the food is partially ready, the packing is not ready but I am ready for a mini vacation!!

I will be envisioning me doing this.

Pretty dress and all!!

While my weekend will look much more like this!

Or this

Happy Weekend!!!

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