Thursday, August 16, 2012

a lot of dirt...

We have lived in our house for 6 summers and have been staring at the mess of plants and stuff along the side of our house.

Throughout the year we would get some flowers on certain parts, as Liam is proudly showing off our flowers (I should know the name of these but I have no clue and am still learning in this game of's a slow process)

A few weekends ago, on a very hot and sticky day I decided we were finally going to do something about it.

That plan ended up being, rip everything out!!!  Except the plant pictured above with Liam and what ever lovely plant grows up my lattice!!  They made the cut....everything else was out!

The boys had a great time collecting plants, moving dirt and using power tools!!!

And of course playing with worms!!!

As with most things, I don't know why we waited so long to attack it.  My life seems to get going so quickly and I am constantly trying to visit with people, take the kids to fun places and get things done that we rarely have a weekend let alone a day to hang out at home.  This summer we realized that we needed to take those days if not weekends!!!

So this beautiful sight is the result of one of those days!

I can see the potential for pretty flowers and plants next summer (I promise to remember their names!!)

My boys see a new spot to play in the dirt....and for the rest of this summer that's just what it is.

We are also going to attempt a raised veggie garden next summer, we have had so many friends tell us of all their yummy veggies straight from the garden and we are jealous! 

Big plans.....big plans!!!  Stay tuned!

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