Friday, July 27, 2012

homemade fun

Since I have clearly been addicted to Pinterest since I first signed on.  I have beent trying to at least create some of these wonderful ideas that I have been pinning.

Vacation was the perfect time to give a few of the fun activities for the boys to try!!

They have loved racing marbles, it was super easy to make and very inexpensive.  We used two different pool noodles because we didn't cut them straight enough the first time but you could easily use one if you cut straight, you need a shoe box and bag of marbles!  Cut the pool noodle in half and cut half moon shapes in the box and cover of the shoe box.  Tape the pool noodles in to the box,  you will probably need a rock or something heavy to hold the cover onto the table and then let the racing begin!!!!

This cardboard village was easy to make and free!   Just take any old cardboard box and cut, tape and decorate to you liking.  I added pictures and words of simple words for Liam to learn that the letters mean words.  He is doing fantastic at reading the letters that match the word.  AND they love playing on the roads with the cars.

Overall, huge success.  These items were moved into the basement and are still used often!

Happy Pinteresting!!!

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