Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rhys's 2nd Birthday

Rhys's birthday had a rainbow theme.  Thanks to some creative pins on pinterest and Rhys's love of talking about rainbows!!!

Perhaps most little boys wouldn't like the rainbow theme but Rhys loved it!  We had tons of colour everywhere and the beautiful sunshiny day made it perfect.

I made some new crayons from old crayons for take aways (with stickers because what child doesn't love stickets!!!)

I made Rhys his own little banner that will be going in his room after!!

Then I made the cupcakes!  I have seen many recipes and pictures posted all over the internet of the rainbow cake!  I thought it was a really neat idea but it makes such a big cake and Rhys is still such a little person.  I thought I would try it with cupcakes!  It turned out great and here is how I did it!

 Then on the the fruit rainbow.  I found this on pinterest but wanted to at least try to incorporate 6 rainbow colours (same with the cupcakes!).  Indigo is such a hard colour to incorporate!  I think it turned out very pretty and was a hit with the kiddies and parents!

Not quite as colourful but definately healthy and less messy are these kid friendly veggies cups.  I have seen lots of pictures for veggie cups in beautiful glass dishes with veggie sticks and dip at the bottom for adult parties!  So I thought I would find fun paper cups to do the same thing for the kids.  They were a hit and we didn't have to worry about double dipping!!

I love candy and they are very colourful to add to any rainbow themed party!

Here is the spread of colourful rainbow snacks!

Once all the organizing was finished it was time for the fun!! 
We painted
 And had CAKE!!

I hope my little man had a wonderful time turning 2!


  1. Awesome birthday party - and definitely cool ways to incorporate the theme! I think we forgot our painting, unfortunately, so I'll have to come by soon and pick it up :)

  2. Jill, this looks amazing! I want a rainbow themed birthday this year.....I am sure the prep took a while but it looks well worth the effort!