Monday, March 5, 2012

Closet Love

Due to some necessary prepping for our bathroom downstairs, as in removing our old chimney.  January was spent fixing my closet because there was giant hole in it!  Which wasn't so bad but means that not only will we eventually get a new bathroom in the basement, I got 3 more feet of closet space!!!

Now who is going to tell me that's a bad thing!  There was a lot of dust and soot, one crappy evening when I suffered a paint fumed headache but it all resulted in my wonderful new closet.

I have found baskets for the bottom of my closet but not for the top yet.  There are certain sized I need and can't seem to find any to go with my colour scheme.  I am looking for cloth baskets so they will be easier to remove from the shelf and not scratch the paint!  Still searching, let me know if you know of any place to get some!!

The bottom shelves were going to hold baskets as well but my children have decided that this is the best place to hide and play toys.  I don't have the heart to ruin it for them just yet!!

I hope you enjoy my closet as much as I do and I will post a new picture once I find the perfect basket!!!!

New doors since my closet before was only one door!!!  So much more space!

Having all my clothes look so organized makes me happy everytime I open the doors!!!

I found these fabric boxes on sale in this pretty pattern. And this is the best hiding/play place around!

This is my dilema, I currently have these baskets but they scratch the paint and just aren't working with the closet.  Searching for two side by side fabric baskets.  My problem is two are too wide and one is to small!!!

I just want to say I love my new closet and it makes getting dressed in the morning so much better!!  I can find all my clothes and even found some clothes I forgot I had!!!


  1. If you like the wooden baskets, just glue gun felt to the bottom of them - that's what we did for the ones in our coffee table - worked like a charm! In other news - GREAT closet - so organized and awesome! Must be a treat to get dressed in the morning! ;) B

  2. Jealous of your closet's organization and the size!!!! Nice color too.