Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Sunshine and rainbows!!

Doesn't that sound nice!  Although rainbows only come out with the sunshine AFTER the rain.

So maybe we have to have a little rain before the rainbows, it's ok.  The rain is good.  Not always fun but good.  Necessary.

These are lessons I am trying to teach my boys.  That we need the rain to help things grow.  They need rain and sunshine.

Same goes for us as people, we need a little rain and sunshine in order to grow.  So those bad things that sometimes happen, sometimes happen for a reason.  We need them to learn or adapt.  They teach us to be smarter, stronger, braver, all while we are just trying to move on.  Secret lessons are happening and we are made better for it.  Or I guess we have the ability to be made better, the choices are ours.  We can choose the good or the bad.  I want to choose the good!

We also need sunshine, we need those great moments, fun times and wonderful family and friends.  We need this sunshine to keep us going, to make us want to choose the good.  To want to help other people choose the good.

So if today is a particularly bad day, be comforted in the fact that the rainbow comes out after the rain.

This is my sunshine when days aren't so sunny!

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