Monday, June 9, 2014

A little snippet

Since this blogging thing is hard sometimes.  I am going to start with this.  and we will see how we go!

This is a little list I got from following the list of blogs below! 

 It's a little snippet of what's going on around here.

Making : a vegetable garden...we are working hard and hope we have some veggies in the end!
Cooking : A fantastic BBQ pulled pork spaghetti.  Simple simple recipe to follow. here
Drinking :  Water and lots of it.  Once it gets hot, if I forget to drink enough water out come the headaches and feeling yucky.
Reading:  So many wonderful books, my husband organized for everyone to get me books!  Just finished Balancing it All by Candace Cameron Bure and just started reading The One and Only by Emily Giffen
Wanting:  more sunny days and less working
Looking: at my wonderful little boys explore and learn
Playing: rugby on Saturdays and soccer on Mondays
Wasting: time
Sewing: so many projects but so little time...perhaps if I wasted less time, more things would get done!
Wishing: for a little more time home and a little less time at work.
Enjoying:  saying yes to little request from the boys...they enjoy it so much and we all end up having a great time
Waiting: for vacation to start
Liking: the sunshine and the amount of time I can spend outside
Wondering: what life has in store for me
Loving: my husband
Hoping: for more memories made
Marvelling: at the things my children can learn
Needing: extra hugs
Smelling: fresh cut's my favourite.  I actually used to buy and wear the Gap cut grass perfume!
Wearing: dresses all the time to work and shorts all weekend!
Following: so many fun people on instagram!  Check me out hjdickinson
Noticing: the good in many times it's the bad we see, I need to see the good for awhile
Knowing:  that I am doing the best I can
Thinking:  of so many projects I would like to get done
Feeling: slightly overwhelmed by those projects
Bookmarking: time out for relaxing
Opening:  new books!
Giggling:  at my kids and there love of shaking their booties!
Feeling: happy

I got this from following a line of blogs.    from here , to here ,original here

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