Saturday, September 8, 2012


It didn't snow or rain and Liam maintained his height!

So we made it Kindergarten!!!

After asking for weeks and then everyday this week, it was finally his turn to go!!

He was so happy to be in his new classroom, make new friends and of course play!  He doesn't know yet that it's a fun place to learn!!

I was so happy to hear that he had a great morning and even after his first full day it was still a good time.
He likes it and wants to go back!!!  That's all we can ask for!

Just so Rhys didn't feel left out

I think I did pretty good with all the changes.  My children seemed to make out just fine!  Rhys is a little concerned each morning but is fine and always has a great day!  Liam did great, tired I think but doing great!
Me, I did good until about noon yesterday when I had a little moment after I might have stalked him on the playground and saw that he wasn't playing with anyone.  He didn't really look sad or anything but he was twirling around the swing post!  I was still sad that he wasn't running around like a crazy person like the rest of the kids.  I assume he's just figuring out how to be in charge of the whole thing, so he is taking in the whole event!!! haha~!
Now that we have completed another week of firsts I am going to try to relax and enjoy the rest of September!
Happy Weekend!

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