Wednesday, September 5, 2012

am I ready??

So many people have asked me this question or some version of it over the past few weeks.  My little boy Liam is starting kindergarten tomorrow.

Am I ready??

Great question, I am ready only because I am so confident that he is ready.  He is very clever, social and oh so happy to be going to school.  He is a late baby (december 22nd birthday) and a boy to boot, so obviously there were reservations about him starting school.  He has done great learning all the things he needed to learn and loves to lead, he's kind, funny and aims to please!

I am ready for that reason, I will be sad that he's started school and my little baby is no longer but excited for all the new adventures to come.  For him to experience things on his own, to make mistakes, correct them and move on, to make new friends and learn new things!!!

He is ready and I will be too!

Now you might ask do we have everything ready for school???  Another great questions and oh how I would love to say yes.  I would love to say, we have our new outer wear ready, new/old clothes organized and ready to go, shoes and boots tried and new ones purchased.

But alas, it is not true.  I put Liam's raincoat on him today and what do's about 5 inches too short on the arms!  Do you think there are rain coats out there in stores for me to purchase??  Nope, just checked!  Ordering we will go!

His snowsuit is looming downstairs taunting me as I think, oh it should fit, one can't be sure yet  because I haven't tried it on!

I got through all of his pants and stored (threw them on his dresser) the ones that didn't fit and neatly placed the ones that do on his shelf.  This joy will end soon as all of his pants (12 pairs) fit the same way, we have about an inch clearance and then poof, all the pants will be too short!  It will happen so quickly and I of course will be surprised.

Shirts I couldn't get through yet.  Boys, they do not like trying on clothes....unless of course it's a super hero costume but I know those fit!

Anyways, we are ready for tomorrow.  As long as it stops raining, doesn't snow and Liam doesn't grow an inch.

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